Xero is a dynamic, innovative company that helps small business owners all over the world have control of their destiny by giving them a clear picture of their financial position.

We see sustainability as an opportunity for innovation and to be a leader in progressive business practices. As a member of the New Zealand Sustainable Business Network we are committed to continually promoting sustainability. Our Sustainability Team also works to ensure the principles of sustainability are part of our business planning and practice. We're convinced this effort leads to smarter decisions and contributes to our success.

Key to our belief that we can help organisations become sustainable is Xero's ability to help them access information that traditionally has not been available to small business owners.

In the spirit of sustainability our company places a strong emphasis on valuing individuals. We endeavour to make responsible purchasing decisions and have a recycling system. Many more initiatives are planned.

To be a truly sustainable company doesn't happen overnight. It's a journey and we're on the way.