Your toolkit for growing an online business

Starting, running and growing an online or ecommerce business can be challenging. These resources will help you get going.

The owner of a shoe store arranges their orders and deliveries online with Xero and connected apps.

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A business owner works through accounts for their online business on their mobile device and their laptop.

Starting an online business

Start an online business

Starting an online business is different. Learn what sets it apart from starting a traditional business.

A screen on a laptop showing the words ‘Always open’ in an online store front.

Begin selling online

See the two fastest ways to get set up to sell your products online: using a marketplace or an off-the-shelf shop.

The screen on a laptop shows a business plan for an ecommerce business.

Make a plan

Map out a clear pathway to making your business idea a reality. It can be short – just a page – or more detailed.

The cover of Xero’s guide to financing your own business.

Calculate your break-even point

Find out how to calculate the break-even point in sales and units for your online business.

Finance your business

The cover of Xero’s guide to growing your business.

Learn about different ways you can find that extra bit of cash to help build and run a business.

Running and growing an online business

The screen on a mobile phone shows a green tick confirming an order  from an ecommerce app.

Grow your business

Learn what it takes to grow your business, and check some ways to reach new markets and boost revenue.

An expert delivers an online presentation about business trends.

Choose the right apps

Streamline business admin by using leading ecommerce apps for online shopping, inventory and more.

The cover of Xero’s guide to inventory.

Find out how customer behaviour, technology and the post-Covid economy are shaping small business.

Manage inventory

The screen of a laptop showing accounting software for ecommerce.

Learn how to be smart about purchasing, counting and valuing the items you buy and sell.

Business accounting 101

A bookkeeper sitting at their desk advises an ecommerce entrepreneur on managing their finances.

Accounting software for ecommerce

Manage the finances for your ecommerce business easily using Xero, and connect it to third-party apps.

The words‘net profit’ began viewed through a magnifying glass.

Find an accountant or bookkeeper

Engage an accountant or bookkeeper to collaborate, help and advise you on your business.

Accounting glossary

Unravel and decode accounting terms like debits and credits, balance sheet, cash versus accrual accounting, and more.

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