How it works


For a small business, payments is about more than just getting paid faster. It’s about:

  • streamlining admin processes

  • providing a choice of ways to make payments and to get paid

  • automating the flow of payments data in and out of Xero

  • reducing the risk of mistakes and fraudulent activity

Xero invoices on mobile
Making payments

Making payments

Together we can automate the payroll and bill payment data flows between Xero and your online banking platform. The result for small business customers is safer, easier payments.

The small business owner no longer needs to enter accounts payable details in both their accounting system and their online banking. They save time by sending payment instructions directly from Xero, and then authorising those payments with their bank.

Receiving payments

Receiving payments

Chasing payments continues to be one of the greatest pain points for small businesses who invoice.  

If your financial institution has its own e-commerce payment solution ...

Xero offers an API so that small business customers can have their invoices paid online, directly from the invoice, using the bank’s merchant services payment facility.

If your bank does not have its own e-commerce payment solution ...

Xero is uniquely positioned to work with you and your preferred local or global third-party payments provider to offer solutions that speed up the time for Xero small businesses to get paid. Find out how we’re currently achieving this through our integrations with Stripe and PayPal.

Talk to us about the payment solution that suits your strategy, contact us.