Track and manage your employees’ expense claims with ease

Xero Expenses works seamlessly with Xero accounting – and has all the tools and insights small businesses need to efficiently track and manage employees’ expense claims.

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eliminate hidden costs
Snap and scan receipts

Capture costs as they happen from your mobile phone and keep everyone up to date with push notifications.

better visibility
Track mileage claims

Accurately track and submit mileage claims on the go with the map in Xero Expenses and get reimbursed faster.

enables growth
Save time with smart reconciliation

Say goodbye to manual data entry and reconciliation. Xero Expenses automates every step of the expense management process.

enables growth
Monitor spending in real-time

Make fast and informed decisions with powerful analytics. See the current state of your expense claims and view reports by status, employee or expense account.

Claim and track expenses with the Xero Expenses app - anytime, anywhere

Manage all employees’ expenses in one place

One login, no double-handling, and real-time tracking help you and your team manage expense claims from anywhere.

Gain more control

Set company and user permissions to give complete control of who can view, submit, and approve expense claims.

Go paperless: no more paper receipts

Keep it clean and simple with everything online, easy to record, easy to claim and easy to find.

Recover expenses from a customer

Assign an expense to a specific customer or project as you enter it. It’s automatically added to your  customer’s next invoice, so you can make sure you’re reimbursed.

Expense management made easy

Powerful, but simple to use

Get the Xero Expenses app today and submit your expenses and mileage claims on the go to get reimbursed faster.

  • Snap & scan receipts as you go
  • Track mileage using the map
  • Use multi-currency while overseas
  • Assign expenses to projects
  • Submit claims on behalf of others
  • Reconcile expenses paid with company cards
  • Approve claims in a click
  • Get notified on your claims status
  • Assign different role to your users
  • Monitor spending in real-time
  • Integrated with Xero accounting

Try Xero Expenses for free

Tap into the tools and insights you need to efficiently track, assign and manage expense claims.  View plans and pricing.

Simply log into Xero, then head to Business > Expense Claims to get started.

New to Xero? Trial Xero + Expenses for 30 days.

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Xero Expenses vs Hubdoc: what’s the difference

Xero Expenses capture, track and manage your employees’ expenses with ease while hubdoc automates the capture of your business bills and receipts into Xero. This one-page PDF flyer compares the two and helps you work out what your business needs.

Read the flyer

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