Scan receipts to claim expenses instantly

Snap a photo with the Xero Me app to scan a receipt and auto-fill expense claims with the key details.

A small business owner sits in a cafe using a Xero app on their phone to snap and scan a paper receipt.

Use Xero Me to scan receipts in a snap

Take a photo on your mobile device and scan the receipt details to populate an expense claim. Capture expenses as they happen to help reduce manual data entry and save time.

The capture screen in a Xero receipt scanning app displays the save button.

Submit claims promptly

Your employees can submit an expense claim on the spot when they use the Xero Me app to snap and scan a receipt.

Track spending easily

Track receipts as they’re submitted so you can see how much is being spent and on what. You’ll be able to view job costs and manage cash flow with greater confidence.

The explorer screen in the receipt app shows a bar graph of expenses so you get a visual overview of spending.

More about receipt scanning

Scan, track and organise receipts and more when you add the Xero Expenses to your Xero subscription. Reimburse claims and manage spending using analytics. Pay for the add-on monthly, but only for employees who submit a claim within the month.

See how Xero Expenses pricing works

A one-time setup makes it easy for your employees to scan receipts and submit claims. Turn on receipt analysis to automatically capture details from receipts into Xero, and set up the accounts you want your team to use when creating expense claims.

See how to set up expense claims

Speed up the process from claim to reimbursement with the Xero Me app. Use the app to easily review and approve expense claims wherever you are.

See how to view, edit and approve expense claims

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