Track, claim and manage expense claims easily

Avoid a mountain of receipts by using expense claim software for recording, claiming and approving expense claims on the go.

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Manage your business expenses online

Take the work out of recording and tracking expenses with online claims and approvals.

Give your staff access to Xero so they can submit expenses and create claims online even while they’re out and about. Control the level of access staff get, so they can add or approve expenses without seeing the rest of your financials.

Expense management software dashboard

Reimburse employees for business costs

Make reimbursement easy for you and your staff. Approve or decline individual items with the click of a button and schedule payments to your employees.

expense tracker & reimbursement for employees

Keep a record of all receipts

You and your staff can snap photos of your receipts on your smartphone as you get them and attach them to expense claims and reports for a complete record of all expenses.

Xero lets you enter multiple receipts in one expense claim, making the process quicker and easier.

receipt and file management

Capture expenses on the go

Use the Xero mobile app to capture business expenses on the go and record the details of  where and when they happen.

Your employees will get reimbursed faster and the financials will stay up-to-date and accurate.

claim expenses on mobile

Mark expenses as billable to a customer

Sometimes you’ll incur expenses you need to bill back to a customer. With Xero you can easily keep track of billable expenses and include them on your next sales invoice.

Just tag expense items to a customer and you can choose whether to add them to the next invoice you send.

customer billing feature
I use Xero, which has a snappy way of doing expenses, makes it *almost* fun! – David Simmons, Cinnamon Network

Coming soon

More expense tools and insights are on the way. The new simplified processes and powerful analytics within Xero will help you reduce even more back-office work and stay on top of your expenses. So, watch this space.

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