Accept payments online and get paid faster

Make it easier for your customers to pay you. Accept payments straight from your online invoices and keep your cash flow positive.

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Save time with more ways to get paid

The more ways you give your customers to pay you and the easier you make it, the less time you’ll  spend chasing the payment. Add a payment service to your online invoice and your customer can pay it with just a few clicks.

Simply email your invoice, then when your customer views it online, they can use the ‘Pay now’ button to pay you securely using one of your chosen payment services.

accept credit card payments

Accept PayPal and Stripe for easy invoice payments

Make the payment process as easy as possible. Add trusted favourites like PayPal or Stripe as payment options to make it easy for your customers to pay you on any device. Enable the payment service you prefer and accept payments quickly and securely.

accept PayPal payments

Get paid using Apple Pay

Make it even easier for your customers to pay you. Accept Apple Pay as a payment option when you add Stripe. Allow customers to pay you securely through their iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

accept credit card payments online with apple pay

Connect a payment service to get paid quickly and easily online

Getting paid is easy with a range of payment services that seamlessly integrate with Xero, including PayPal and Stripe. See more payment providers in the Xero app marketplace.

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