Free business continuity plan

Download this business continuity plan template and use it to make your business more resilient.

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Download a business continuity plan template

Fill in the form to get a free business continuity plan template as an editable PDF. It comes with instructions to help you fill it out.

Using this business continuity plan template

When filling out this business continuity plan, it helps to have scenarios in mind. Think about what you’d do if some of these things went wrong.

Crises within the business:

  • Losing key staff or a big client
  • Failure of critical equipment
  • Fire

Crises in the world around you:

  • Shipping and supply chain issues
  • Natural disasters
  • National or global financial shocks

Resources for resilience

As you work through this business continuity plan template, you’ll start seeing ways to make your business stronger. You may want to know more about:

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