Mariaan Leonard of Grit Accountants believes in grit and tenacity in life and business

As an all-woman practice Mariaan Leonard has been able to grow her client base and save time thanks to Xero.

Mariaan Leonard sitting at their desk looking at the camera.

Much more than business

Led by the principles of grit and tenacity, Mariaan Leonard started her all-woman practice firmly believing in treating each other like family. Motivating and supporting each other in all areas of life.

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We look out for each other, and try to motivate each other not only in work but also in life.

Mariaan Leonard — Grit Accountants

Mariaan working with colleagues at desk.

Affecting growth

Mariaan strives to fully understand her clients’ business, in order to accurately partner with, and grow their business. Xero has not only freed up her team’s time, but also allowed her to scale her own business.

The fact that we can set up rules in Xero to auto-allocate transactions, makes the time clerks spend on data capturing a lot less. Without Xero we wouldn't be able to have as many clients as we currently do have.

Mariaan Leonard — Grit Accountants

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You can learn more about Grit Accountants on their website.

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