Adrian Heneke of BillyNOW brings slow fashion to South Africa

While Adrian Heneke focuses on creating a new vintage, Xero takes the hassle out of his accounting needs.

Upper body photo of Adrian Heneke standing in front of patterned shirts.

Bringing slow fashion to South Africa

Adrian Heneke grew up surrounded by fabric, machines and seamstresses. So it was no coincidence that his love for fashion, tailoring and garments inspired him to launch BillyNOW.

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This is Africa and we express ourselves in the way we want to, and that’s exciting. That’s the creative emergence of fashion and design from South Africa.

Adrian Heneke — BillyNOW

Growing the business

Eight months after starting his business, Adrian started using Xero. It helps him to take care of the accounting side of the business, so he can focus on his own business of creating beautiful clothing.

Adrian working with colleagues surrounded by fabrics

Sitting in the back of a tuk-tuk, rushing through crazy Delhi traffic, I could go onto the Xero app and invoice the guy while I was sitting there. If you zoom out and see what was going on…you can’t normally do that.

Adrian Heneke — BillyNOW

Adrian using Xero on mobile device

You can learn more about BillyNOW on their website.

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