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A balance sheet is a summary of the financial state of your business at a specific point in time. It’s key to understanding and managing your business’s financial health.

Our customisable, easy-to-use template will help get you off the a flying start.

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Add in your assets, liabilities, and equity to check that they balance each other out.

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Make better business decisions with financial reporting tools

Staying on top of your business’s financial health is really important. But getting your head around the numbers isn’t always easy, or easy to find the time for. That’s where financial reporting tools come in. 

With Xero’s financial reporting feature, you can customise your own reports, dashboards, and budgets – so you can easily see (and share) how your business is performing in real time.

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Help from the pros

Once you’re done playing with the numbers, it’s a good idea to check with a bookkeeper or accountant. They understand money and they’ve seen inside thousands of businesses. And most of them are happy to meet with people who have new ideas. 

You can search for experts like these in our advisor directory.