Three steps to take to so you can help clients set up Xero

To help your clients set up with Xero, get certified, get to know the resources, and start spreading the word.

Step 1. Get certified

If you and your team aren’t yet certified, then consider doing the Xero advisor certification course to expand your understanding of Xero.

  • Increase your proficiency in Xero and showcase your skills

    Learn how to set up and convert clients to Xero and get familiar with features that help clients save time and run their businesses better.

    View all Xero certifications

Step 2. Choose resources to share with clients

Find videos and articles for sharing with each Xero client at the time that works best. You can copy and use the descriptions below.

Step 3. Spread the word

Here are some ideas and sample content you can use to communicate and share Xero setup information with your clients.

  • Create a blog post

    Create a blog post explaining how easy it is to use Xero with a link to the videos or to Xero Central, and email a link to new clients.

    See sample blog content
  • Use your website

    Share these videos and articles on your website for use in initial training or as a refresher or booster.

    See sample web content
  • Send emails with video and article links

    Send links to new clients. If you use tools like MailChimp or Boma, test whether links to a page or to a specific article work best.

    See sample email content

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