Xero Partner Advisory Council (XPAC)

XPAC is a diverse panel of accounting and bookkeeping partners who drive conversations on strategy and industry issues.

About XPAC

Head and shoulders of XPAC member Buchele Sibaca.

Through open discussions, industry insights and actionable feedback, XPAC members seek to make a difference to South African Xero partners, small businesses and their communities.

Head and shoulders of XPAC member Nicole Rousseau.

Members of XPAC are bookkeepers or accountants who both challenge and champion the needs of the sector. The XPAC team is a core part of the Xero ecosystem, playing a crucial role as a consultative group of industry experts who provide real-time, real-life feedback on behalf of the industry to drive meaningful change.

XPAC members

Simon Magner

Irigium Business Solutions

XPAC member Simon Magner.

I started Iridium in 2013 and have always had a love for technology. Finding Xero very early on was an absolute game changer for me and my business and has allowed us to grow to where we are today.

I really enjoy sharing my knowledge with others and find that I can add value on Xpac via providing support and feedback to Xero on practice matters. We also love sharing knowledge and ideas at Iridium and plugging in on webinars or just chatting to other accountants.

Willem Haarhof

Doughgetters Accounting

XPAC member Willem Haarhof.

I’m very excited to be part of the XPAC team. I place huge importance on Xero as a brand and a business and the people of Xero we work so closely with. Any opportunity to add more fuel to the Xero rocketship is something we’d love to be part of. A big goal of ours is to play a leading role in shaping the future of accounting in South Africa and the rest of the world which Xero helps us work towards.

Murray Barnetson

Doughgetters Accounting

XPAC member Murray Barnetson.

I spotted Xero in late 2011 and saw the future of accounting immediately. I have been using it for myself and my clients ever since. My role at DoughGetters Accounting is to keep one very beady eye on the incredible strides of technology to future-proof our business. I think this fascination of mine will add immense value to my contribution as a member of XPAC, to ensure that Xero remains relevant and continues to lead the pack in accounting tech.

Buchele Sibaca


XPAC member Buchele Sibaca.

At just 26 years old Buchule became a CEO of a digital accounting & tax firm. He made the leap because he wanted the freedom to share his ideas & implement them. It’s those life experiences that have led him to become a member of the XPAC team, contributing his wealth of knowledge and passion for empowering small businesses.

Ian Meaker

Creative CFO

XPAC member Ian Meaker.

I've been an XPAC member for several years now, and it's been great to see Xero grow their South African presence through the relationships they have built with practitioners and their SME customers. It's always been about creating an accounting platform that helps businesses succeed and that's a message that resonates with us. It's a journey we're proud to have been part of and look forward to exciting times ahead.

Nicole Rousseau

PKF Ignite

XPAC member Nicole Rousseau.

I bring a lot of experience in the industry as well as the combined perspective of a small, medium and big firm. I know what works practically and what doesn’t work and I know what our clients or sme’s need. My passion has always been to help my clients and Xero has given me the platform to do just that, so being able to contribute ideas and actually have an impact on what happens in the SA space has been a major driving force for me.

Amanda Orselli

BDO Drive

XPAC member Amanda Orselli.

I qualified from audit as a Chartered Accountant and developed my passion in assisting small and medium-sized entities. Being in the service of providing outsourced solutions to our clients, what better way for us to identify those frustrations our clients endure and come to the XPAC platform, where we can put our heads together and come up with better tailored solutions to ensure user-friendliness of the Xero product for our clients.

Nkhesani Kapena

ZERO 1.2.3. Cloud

XPAC member Nkhesani Kapena.

I bring a fresh and different perspective to the team. In a male dominated industry such as ours, Zero 1.2.3. Cloud is the only 100 percent female-run firm with a 100 percent female executive board on the South African XPAC team. We are very proud to be a xero platinum partner and winner of the xero emerging firm of the year 2021 EMEA.

What makes a great XPAC member?

The XPAC panel is full of passionate people who are keen to represent and be a voice for the Xero partner community. They aim to create better Xero experiences and industry outcomes together. XPAC members are not shy in their opinions; they challenge Xero and their colleagues to take ownership and solve problems as a team.

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  4. Name three of the biggest challenges that you are facing in your practice.
  5. What industry trends do you see evolving over the next three to five years (for example, automation, technology)?

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