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XPAC is a diverse panel of accounting and bookkeeping partners who drive conversations on strategy and industry issues.

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About XPAC

Through open discussions, industry insights and actionable feedback, XPAC members seek to make a difference to Xero’s South African accounting and bookkeeping partners, small businesses and their communities.

Members of the XPAC are bookkeepers or accountants who both challenge and champion the needs of the sector. They play a crucial role as a consultative group of industry experts who provide timely, real-life feedback on behalf of the industry to drive meaningful change.

XPAC members

Simon Magner

Iridium Business Solutions

XPAC member Simon Magner.

As the managing director and founder of Iridium, who were the 2023 Xero Partner of the Year SA, Simon is able to make decisions on how to run a digital business in an age where technology abounds. He leads a team of professional and tech-savvy accountants who deliver tailored and outsourced solutions to clients.

When he qualified as a CA(SA), he didn't know the world of cloud accounting existed. Xero has played a huge part in Iridium’s journey and the company is excited about the way technology is enabling them to grow. Simon says that being a tech accounting is an amazing space to operate in and he looks forward to shaping the way the industry moves ahead.

Willem Haarhof

Doughgetters Accounting

XPAC member Willem Haarhof.

He places huge importance on Xero as a brand and a business and the people of Xero that Doughgetters works closely with. He sees XPAC as a great opportunity to add more fuel to the Xero rocketship. Xero helps the practices work towards its goal of playing a leading role in shaping the future of accounting in South Africa and the rest of the world.

Depo Ogunuruku

Outsourced Finance

XPAC member Depo Ogunuruku.

Depo Ogunruku, CA(SA) is a passionate, driven and charismatic businesswoman who is the managing director of Outsourced Finance. Her entrepreneurial ambition led her to found the digital accounting firm, using her technology background and finance expertise to pay it forward in empowering businesses to soar to new heights.

Depo worked at Deloitte as a specialist consultant in finance transformation and financial management, championing key projects across the continent. She later moved on to ThoughtWorks, where she developed her technology strategy experience. She has a wealth of experience and insight into business operations across multiple sectors.

Ian Meaker

Creative CFO

XPAC member Ian Meaker.

Director and founder in 2012 of Creative CFO, which now has a team of over 40 financial professionals, Ian’s vision is a world where every year, more small to medium businesses succeed. To that end, Creative CFO provides tools and services for business owners to manage and focus their creativity, energy and financial resources.

Ian has been an XPAC member for several years. He’s gratified to see Xero grow its South African presence through the relationships it has built with practitioners and their SME customers. XPAC’s focus on creating an accounting platform that helps businesses succeed resonates with Creative CFO. It's a journey they’re proud to be part of and they look forward to exciting times ahead.

Nicole Rousseau

PKF Ignite

XPAC member Nicole Rousseau.

Nicole joined PKF Octagon as the co-founder PKF Ignite, heading a digital advisory unit dealing with technological integration for both the business and for PKF clients nationally. In a very short time, PKF Ignite won the Xero National Partner of the year 2022, and is a Xero global partner.

Nicole has spent several years making technology work for her and her clients, rather than worry that machines will take jobs. She is solutions-driven, and speaks passionately about the future of technology within the accounting profession, its ability to open doors for growth, and its potential to add value to her clients.

Amanda Orselli

BDO Drive

XPAC member Amanda Orselli.

Amanda has been head of BDODrive since 2019, and in 2020 was nominated as one of the top 50 women in accounting. She is passionate about what technology can bring to the table, and sees an unexplored world where business owners can be shown the positives and walked along the tech journey. As a trusted advisor, Amanda seizes opportunities to learn new things, explore options, and take others with her to make ideas a reality.

Amanda sees being part of the XPAC team and knowing BDO was one of the founding partners as an honour. She feels privileged to be able to share business insights and real-life examples of the industry trends she experiences in practice.

Lornelle Jonas

E’lique Advisory

XPAC member Lornelle Jonas.

Lornell is the multi-award winning founder and managing director at E’lique Advisory, a professional services firm that specialises in accounting, tax and advisory services. E’lique Advisory seeks to create access to financial services for SMMEs (small, medium and micro-enterprises), enhancing organisational sustainability through financial education, as well as by reducing costs through technology and innovation.

Lornell has over 10 years of experience in internal auditing, external auditing, financial reporting, risk management, compliance, and governance in various industries serving in organisations such as PwC, Liberty Group Limited and FirstRand Bank Limited. She was a member of the project implementation steering committee that successfully reviewed and provided assurance on key deliverables for the IFRS 17 project.

What makes a great XPAC member?

Members of the XPAC panel are passionate people who are keen to represent and be a voice for the Xero partner community. They aim to create better Xero experiences and industry outcomes together. XPAC members are not shy in their opinions; they challenge Xero and their colleagues to take ownership and solve problems as a team.

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  5. What industry trends do you see evolving over the next three to five years (for example, automation, technology)?

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