Using data responsibly

Understand how powerful data can be and how to share it, protect it, keep it private, and use it responsibly.

A small business owner views charts showing business data in Xero on a large computer monitor.

Harness the power of data

Data can transform the way you do business, delivering benefits that help you run your business better, reduce manual toil, grow and thrive.

A small business owner compares the data for their three stores  on a mobile phone.

Retain control of data

Education is key to understanding how to retain control of data while using it to your advantage and delivering value to your business.

A laptop displaying business data in Xero is criss-crossed with red wire, indicating it’s protected from unauthorised access.

Take the quiz to assess your data personality

Taking responsibility for data moves through stages of maturity. Find out if you’re a hatchling, fledgling, juvenile, or mature eagle.

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Data use resources for your business

Find resources and best practices to enhance your knowledge of the challenges and benefits of responsible data use.

Short videos on responsible data use

The short videos offer tips and key takeaways gained from experience by people with expertise in responsible data use.

Data and privacy tips

Aaron Wittman of XBert shares some data and privacy tips for controlling your data and seeing how it’s used.

Watch the data and privacy tips video on YouTube

Four steps towards data protection

Learn why Wyndi and Eli Tagi from WE Accounting see data as a taonga, a treasure in Māori

Watch the steps to data protection YouTube video

Monetising data ethically

Watch a panel discussion moderated by Xero’s Kendra Vant with members of Xero’s data use advisory council.

Watch monetising data ethically video on YouTube

Navigating data collection and privacy

Learn more about data collection and how to treat your customers’ data with respect.

Watch the navigating data collection video on YouTube

Think about the information lifecycle of data

Anna Johnston of Salinger Privacy shares her top piece of privacy compliance advice for small business owners.

Watch Anna Johnston's privacy compliance advice video on YouTube

Focus on choice and be transparent

Maribel Lopez of Lopez Research shares her best piece of data privacy advice for small business owners.

Watch Maribel Lopez's privacy advice video on YouTube

Xero responsible data use advisory council

This global council brings us practical insights, up-to-date information, and best practice about small business and responsible data use.

Responsible data use advisory council logo

Responsible data use advisory council members

Council members are subject matter experts and thought leaders from within Xero, and externally from our community and the industry.

  • Anna Johnston, founder and Principal of Salinger Privacy

    Recognised globally for her work in shaping the future of privacy and data protection, data ethics and data management issues.

    Find out more about Anna
  • Felicity Pereyra, founder of Elevate Strategies

    Felicity optimises voter outreach using an analytics-informed approach. She’s a strategist with a passion for data ethics and privacy.

    See Felicity’s LinkedIn profile
  • Aaron Wittman, self-described geek who moved into management

    Aaron’s passion has led him to build and patent software running in the top 10% of the largest financial institutions in the world.

    See Aaron’s LinkedIn profile
  • Eli Tagi, accountant, auditor and co-founder of We Accounting

    Eli and wife Wyndi offer coaching, virtual CFO services, sit on boards, and more to help improve the stats for Māori and Pasifika people.

    More about Eli
  • Wyndi Tagi, CEO and co-founder of WE Accounting

    Wyndi’s happiest place is helping Māori and Pasifika people run purpose-driven businesses that positively impact communities and thrive.

    More about Wyndi
  • Maribel Lopez of market research & strategy consultant firm Lopez Research

    Maribel’s also the founder of the non-profit Data for Betterment, author of the book ’Right-time Experiences’ and a contributor to Forbes.

    More about Maribel
  • Laura Jackson, co-founder of award-winning gourmet brand, Popcorn Shed

    Beginning in 2016 as a kitchen table startup, Popcorn Shed now exports to 20+ countries. Before that, Laura was a management consultant.

    More about Laura and Popcorn Shed
  • Dr Kendra Vant, EGM of data at Xero

    Kendra heads a global team building data-driven products that harness AI and machine learning to solve complex business & industry problems.

    See Kendra’s LinkedIn profile

What our research says

A 2021 Xero survey found a significant knowledge gap amongst small business owners when it came to responsible data use and protection.

Read the 2021 survey findings
A bar chart represents Xero’s research on responsible data use for small businesses.

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