Samuel Yip from T O Yip & Co on working efficiently with Xero

Samuel Yip from T O Yip & Co highlights the value of Xero training to their practice, helping them support clients.

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Training and upskilling for better results

Xero's effort in training partners, whether online or face-to-face, has really helped our firm upskill the Xero skill set of both current and new staff members. Our staff can transfer this knowledge back to our clients, deepening the understanding and knowledge of what Xero as a system is capable of. In turn, our clients use Xero better, saving time and improving workflows.

Samuel Yip, T O Yip & Co

Improving cash flow

Your clients might take days and more to receive and open your paper invoice. Xero's invoicing system lets you configure automated reminders, meaning our staff spend less time chasing up payments, and our cash flow improves overall.

Samuel Yip, T O Yip & Co

Working with real-time data

Our clients can be demanding and want answers right away which is impossible with an offline system. With Xero, data is available in real-time. This means we can resolve clients' queries on the spot.

Samuel Yip, T O Yip & Co

You can find out more about T O Yip & Co on their website.

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