Office 365 and Xero together: the perfect match

Now it’s easy to keep all your key correspondence in one place with Xero and Office 365. This seamless integration allows you to attach emails, transactions and important documents straight to your client’s jobs.

Office 365 for accountants and bookkeepers

Being able to save important emails and attachments straight into Xero HQ gives you instant access to the client information you need. There’s no more hunting through your inbox or forwarding files. That means no matter who’s working on the client, everyone has the data they need at hand.

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365 and Xero

Office 365 for business

Create a new quote, send an invoice or attach key documents to a contact record – all without having to switch screens. Ready to enjoy the complete view of your business relationship?

xero and office365

What sets Xero apart?

We’re always looking for new ways to help you run your business more beautifully. 

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Easy and beautiful to use

Xero has been designed to work the way you do – without compromise. That’s why over a million subscribers love Xero.


Run your business anywhere

As long as you’ve got an internet connected device in your hand, you can access the information you need and collaborate with others.


Xero works with 700+ apps

You can customise Xero for your business. We can help you manage your inventory, invoicing, time-tracking, expenses and more.