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“I think innovation is key to any businesses and is what will differentiate you against competitors. We are a distributor company and have staff in 3 different locations, 2 different timezones. Hence we rely heavily on technology to ensure our business operations remain on track.

I first discovered Xero back in 2008 and besides the beautiful outlook, I believe it has a lot of power behind it. My favourite Xero feature is reconciliation - it ensures that I am not missing any transactions. Having information at your fingertips is really powerful - at a glance, we know our cashflow, invoices we are owed and bills we have to pay. This is what makes a business comes alive."

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Accounting & bookkeeping firms


Cicih Setiawati

"When I discovered Xero in 2014, I migrated my first accounts over and haven’t looked back since! I made it my mission to use my experience with Xero to change the way Indonesians managed accounting processes.

I founded BukuBuku in 2015, and we were one of Xero’s first Partners in Indonesia. Our work varied. On one occasion BukuBuku identified a massive leakage in one of our client accounts and helped the firm restore a profit. With some other clients we provided counsel on issues such as developing and resourcing standard processes to manage cash flow. More and more cases like this helped grow our reputation as an effective and reliable accounting partner in the market."


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Logiframe Indonesia

Logiframe Indonesia

Logiframe Indonesia

Wienanto Tanuwidjaja

"It’s vital for us to have the right software in place to keep our business moving forward. Xero has helped our business to become more efficient, allowing us to spend more time on our clients.

About ninety percent of our clients are overseas companies or have a presence overseas. So the owners aren’t always easy to contact. But setting them up on Xero means we can work with them no matter where they are.

By using a modern accounting program, you can ensure more relevant, faster data which is less likely to have errors compared to manual processes. In addition, the reports are more useful, accurate and timely, at a lower cost."

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Mazars Thailand

Jonathan Fryer

"We were introduced to Xero five years ago and quickly recognised that this is the software that we are looking for. We have a partnership with Xero that allows us to work with our clients across multiple countries and offer our services to a much wider range of businesses. We can bring our clients onboard Xero within a few hours and our staff can be trained and certified on using Xero within the first day of work.

With Xero we can capture data electronically and efficiently. This means we can offer our clients true visibility of their financials — as well as save hours and hours of time."

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Xero Roadshow Asia Interviews

Nov 2018

“We can have clients in the US, Brazil, Berlin — and we do all of their work from Indonesia. Xero and its connected apps help us to fulfil services to clients all over the world.”

- Win Tanujidjaja, Logiframe, Indonesia

Nov 2019

"There's a need to recognise that all accountants must embrace technology."

- Rommel R. Coria, Coria & Co, Philippines