Hong Kong

Small businesses

Garage Society

Co-working space

"Technology is changing the way people work. We are a community-led business, so it's important to our teams and people that we run it on great software.

Connecting DBS bank feeds to Xero has increased the level transparency of our business, helping us make more informed decisions that chart us towards future business growth."




“I first encountered Xero when a supplier sent me an invoice with an online payment link. My first thought was, ‘Whoa, this is cool!’, looked Xero up and gave it a go – I instantly saw how Xero was able to change the way my team and I managed the business accounting.

It was also easy to get started – Xero came at a competitive price and a monthly billing model – just the flexibility Habitu needed. It’s also so easy to use and my team has been able to pick this up with minimal training too.”

Rush Hour Media

Branding & web agency

Prior to using Xero, we mainly used Excel sheets. The first time we tried Xero, it worked so perfectly that we decided to migrate all of our accounts, and have not looked back since. 

We saw a 70% improvement in our administrative workflow and efficiency.


Hospitality & accommodation

“Alex is in Hong Kong, running the business on the ground while I'm in L.A., literally halfway around the globe and 16 hours behind. We are just so amazed we can collaborate!

Xero makes it easier for me to run my business, giving me clear entry points where to add receipts or invoices. The simplicity of the platform while showing you a clear picture - that's what I like most about Xero."

Accounting & bookkeeping firms

Fastlane Group

Fastlane Group

Alex So

"Our clients come from all industries. This is because we can tailor our solutions to meet different business needs via Xero's ecosystem of 800+ business apps. Small businesses today are on the constant lookout for newer solutions that will help automate existing, manual processes. Clients love it that we are able to recommend quality business apps that will help increase efficiency in their businesses."

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Fresh Accounting

Paul Gardner

"The halo effect of Xero and being able to provide tailored services to our clients has helped Fresh Accounting grow at an astonishing rate. When clients recommend Xero to other business owners, they recommend us as well. Most of our clients have businesses across Asia. Consequently we are regularly involved with implementing Xero and relevant add-ons for clients with offices in more than two countries.

As a qualified management accountant, my focus is on current trends and the future. Accountants need to be more proactive. Rather than producing historical accounts, it is becoming essential that we can discuss what the numbers actually mean. Accountants need to position themselves as partners to their clients and help them to understand their financials by providing greater analytics of the performance of their business."

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Fresh Accounting

Linkers CPA

Rex Leung

"Linkers CPA services over 1,000 small businesses every year. We mostly used Excel in the past. Now that we use Xero, we can see our clients' financials in real-time.

Through Xero, we can raise invoices online, keep track of our receivables and provide the convenience of online payments for our clients. I believe there is an opportunity for accountants to embrace the cloud, and make the technology work for us."

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Link-Pro CPA

Brian Lai

"The traditional accounting software we used prior to Xero would take us 1 to 2 months to complete bookkeeping work for a client. With Xero, our clients real-time financial performance anytime, anywhere - and this helps us guide them through important business decisions."

"Xero's direct bank feeds feature has transformed the way we do accounting. Bank transactions are synced automatically into Xero, meaning we can reconcile transactions everyday instead of waiting for the bank to send us our bank statement. It's really powerful!"

"Being a Xero partner means a lot to us - it's a recognition of our ability and our attitude. It differentiates Link-Pro from traditional CPAs.

We have the ability to conduct client meetings via phone or over a cup of coffee, while having the ability to be on the same platform, reviewing our client's business performance and provide them with real-time advice. Our relationships with our clients have strengthened as a result.

Nova CPA

Matthew Li

"There were two key reasons that triggered us to sign up to Xero. Firstly, we were facing difficulties using offline software based accounting systems for bookkeeping service as a CPA firm. Data was bouncing around on a USB stick, which was totally inefficient and not safe at all. Secondly, we had been working with ERP but it was both expensive and didn’t live up to expectations. It didn’t give us the flexibility we needed to customise. Furthermore it lacked business automation and we ended up spending a lot of time and resources on what should be simple tasks. As soon as we discovered Xero we knew it was the answer to these problems. It has enhanced our business operations and we haven’t looked back since.

Xero means I can store all my data in the cloud. The costs are minimal and I can work anywhere, anytime as long as I have internet access. This mobility has been a key feature in helping us develop our overseas market as potential clients can search for advisors with location and industry filters using Xero’s advisor directory. We’re now featured as a Platinum Partner, and this has already led to more opportunities for us – with no geographical limits.

We still believe Xero is ‘gospel’ for small businesses – and as it frees up so much time for us, we can provide far more value-added services for our clients as we’re no longer limited to focusing solely on compliance work.

The industry is changing rapidly, but there are still incumbent issues slowing things down. From disorganised data kept on desktop bound spreadsheets – or worse on paper, to inflexible software that doesn’t lend itself to specific industry requirements, many of our clients have come to us to us for advice on how to improve capacity and efficiency. Xero tackles all of these challenges.

Many people think accountants are old-fashioned, and simply gate-keepers to the company bank account. In the ‘big data’ age, the modern accountant needs to be able to use different systems and smart technology to collect this data and analyse it. We need to aggregate financial and non-financial information. Then we can provide businesses with the strategic advice that will help them make the best decisions for their business. Xero’s ecosystem of add-ons including payment solutions, reporting and analysis tools mean we can easily collect data and give our clients this counsel.

We need to be gearing up for a changing industry model and adapting to new trends. The cloud generation is happening, so we need to keep an eye out for how the latest technology can help both our industry and the businesses we serve."

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T.O. Yip & Co

Samuel Yip

"Xero's effort in training partners, whether online or face-to-face, has really helped our firm upskill their Xero skills set - in both current and new staff members.

Our staff can transfer this knowledge back to our clients, deepening the understanding and knowledge of what Xero as a system is capable of. In turn, our clients use Xero better, saving time and improving workflows."

"Your clients might take days and more to receive and open your paper invoice. Xero's invoicing system lets you configure automated reminders, meaning our staff spend less time chasing up payments, and our cashflow improves overall."

"Our clients can be demanding and want answers right away - this is impossible with an offline system. With Xero, data is available in real-time. This means we can resolve clients' queries on-the-spot.

Xero Roadshow Asia Interviews

Mar 2017

“Things are more efficient with Xero, not just for us but also for our clients. Xero gives our clients the power to log on anytime they want to see their numbers."

- Adrian Lai, Cornerstone Management Group

"I love Xero’s app marketplace, where I can pick and choose from over 800 Xero-compatible apps. There are tools that support customer relationship management, expense management, payments, and POS systems - they are seamlessly integrated and easy to add-on to Xero. This lets us tailor our service offerings to meet our clients’ needs and add even more value in an efficient manner."

- Matthew Li, Nova CPA

Jan 2018

"We brought Xero to Hong Kong to make it easier for ourselves and our clients to manage our accounts. Our favourite is the 'Find and Recode' function, which has made it really easy for us to correct our clients' accounts.”

- Curtis Mar, Iwakuni Global

Nov 2018

“To me, being cloud accountant means you’re not just looking after their numbers but also looking after their business. Help them improve their overall performance, and recommend Xero and its add-ons to make their life easier.”

- Nick Cheng, Fresh Accounting