Customise and use report templates

For powerful and efficient reporting, build a set of professional client reports with flexible report templates.

A list of report templates displays in the Xero HQ report templates screen.

Tailor report templates to suit

Enjoy a simple, intuitive user experience that makes it easy for your practice to create reports fast.

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    Drag and drop report codes to change formatting
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    Edit titles and add groups
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    Add formulas to change your row calculations
An accountant drags a report code into the desired position in a report template.

Customise column layouts

Take control of how client data is presented.

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    Insert columns for any date range
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    Compare against budget or compare any column using formulas
  • Included
    Change the order of your report columns to suit your needs
A budget column is added into a report template.

Use switch rules and groupings

Use dynamic and calculated fields for complex calculations and for presentation rules.

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    Group accounts with related information together on a report
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    Use switch rules to move accounts between groups
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    Show an item as an asset or liability depending on its value
A switch rule is set up for bank accounts that have a debit positive balance.

Templates are free in Xero HQ

The report templates in Xero HQ are a partner program benefit for all accounting and bookkeeping partners.

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    Xero HQ and report templates are free to Xero partners
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    If you’re already a Xero partner, just log in to get started
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    If you’re not a partner, it’s free to join and get Xero HQ
Templates are free in Xero HQ

More about using report templates

Use report templates to create sets of reports for all your Xero clients and make client-specific changes as needed. Reports use accurate, up-to-date information out of client accounts, and you can drill-down from any report to the data it uses.

See how to create a report template

You can edit default reporting dates, titles, report order and layout in your practice’s report templates. Any changes you make will apply when you use the report template for a client’s reports.

See how to edit a report template

Once you’ve used a report template to create a set of draft reports for a client, you can publish a report so your client can view it in Xero. You can export and print it too if you wish.

See how to use a report template to create client reports

Join over 100,000 accountants and bookkeepers using Xero in their practice and get Xero, and Xero HQ including report templates, for free.

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Xero HQ lets you manage client, staff and queries efficiently, as well as use report templates to build and customise powerful reports. It can help you understand your clients, work faster, and give informed advice.

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