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Business recovery

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A business owner uses Xero on their mobile phone for cash flow insights into their business.

Cash flow apps to support small business

See cash flow apps that can offer vital cash flow insights, and help support you at this time

A business owner uses Xero on their phone to monitor how their business is doing.

Business continuity planning during uncertain times

Learn how to build cloud into your business continuity plan to ensure stability in your business during times of disruption.

A business owner uses a PC to set up customer credit limits in Xero.

Four ways to manage cash flow with customer credit limits

Here are some ways you can use Xero's customer credit limits feature to help manage your cash flow and reduce your risk.

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Government support

A business owner looks up what government support is available for their business.


The Singapore government announced a range of post-Covid-19 support measures for businesses and workers. Check out this article on Xero Central for a breakdown of the support individuals and businesses can receive.

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Hong Kong

The Hong Kong government announced an anti-epidemic fund to support industries, businesses and individuals affected by the virus in 2020 and has since announced additional rounds.


Economic stimulus and aid packages totalling RM330 billion as at October 2021 have provided financial support to SMEs, micro-entrepreneurs and more.

Educational content

Free online educational courses

Check out our free content on useful business tools, techniques to support you and your team's wellbeing, and more. Do the free online courses any time, any place.

 small business owner checking over marketing material on a PC in their office.

Online course: Digital marketing for your business

Today, digital channels are vital for acquiring and retaining customers. So where do you start if you want to develop a digital marketing strategy for your business?

Our new digital marketing course is designed to help you understand the fundamentals, so you can increase your online presence and extend your customer reach.

Choose from four courses on digital marketing and learn at your own pace.

A business owner reading an article on their desktop computer in their office, their pet cat sleeping next to them.

Online course: Moving your business online

Businesses with an online presence and their data stored securely in the cloud are more competitive, resilient and agile.

This course will help you switch to cloud technology covering key areas such as ecommerce, marketing, hiring, onboarding and engaging with staff in a virtual environment.

A business owner uses online training on their laptop to learn about managing their cash flow.

Online course: Stay on top of your cash flow

To help you get on top of your business cash flow, dive into our cash flow programme that brings together support content, education and practical guides into one seamless learning journey.

You’ll also pick up handy tips on how to automate and manage cash flow in Xero.

You can learn at your own pace, from any place.

Customer stories

Inspiration from across the globe

These inspiring stories highlight the strength and resilience of our partners and business owners in challenging times.

Natasha Toh of The Fun Empire, Mahathir Mahzan of Mahzan Sulaiman, Alex So of FastLane CPA and Dario Acconci of Hawksford.

Natasha Toh, Mahathir Mahzan, Alex So and Dario Acconci.

Natasha Toh, events director, The Fun Empire

Mahathir Mahzan, managing partner, Mahzan Sulaiman

Alex So, group managing partner, FastLane CPA Limited

Dario Acconci, managing director, Hawksford

A small business owner reads Xero customer stories on their PC. Their cat sleeps in a chair beside them.

Surviving Covid-19 and the MCO in Malaysia

As businesses around the world struggle to manage the business impacts of Covid-19, Lily Yong of InTune Outsourcing is on a mission to create positivity in adversity.

Business continuity hub

Running your business

Visit Xero Central for tools to help your business get through unforeseen disruptions. Register for upcoming webinars, find business and mental health resources, and connect with the Xero community to share your experience.

More helpful resources

We've curated articles and videos that can help you, your team and your business navigate this difficult time. For more resources, visit our business continuity hub.

What is business continuity

Run your business remotely

Manage your cash flow

Accept online payments

The stress response and resilience

Small business cash flow app guide

Get more support from an accountant or bookkeeper

Your accountant or bookkeeper will be a key source of advice on your specific circumstances and can help with contingency, cash flow and supply chain planning.

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