Track costs with job costing software

Plan, estimate and check to see that your job is making a profit using the job costing software in Xero Projects.

Two workers at a construction site wearing hard hats check costs using their job costing software on a mobile device.

Plan and quote on jobs

Plan your project with the job costing software in Xero Projects. Work out the costs of time and materials so you know what to quote. Use figures from past projects to create accurate quotes.

Capture job costs

Assign bills and expenses to projects in Xero accounting so they show in Xero Projects. Use job management software to keep track of project costs.

A carpenter on a building site enters the costs of materials into job management software on their mobile device.

Choose what’s on invoices

Use job costing software to create invoices showing a breakdown of costs or rolled up into a single line item. Invoice accurately and promptly, either as the job progresses or once the job’s complete.

Monitor profitability

Compare the estimates in your project budget with actual costs to check if there are cost overruns and to make sure the project is making a profit.

A builder reviews a bar chart in their job costing system showing actual versus budgeted costs month by month.

More about job costing

Job costing in Xero Projects is integrated with and dependent on using Xero accounting. Bills and spending can be assigned to a project in Xero accounting and show against the project in Xero Projects, while project costs are invoiced from Xero.

Learn more about Xero Projects

Subscribe to Xero Projects and download job costing software to any iOS or Android device. Use the app or desktop version to create projects and track time and costs. Set hourly rates or fixed prices for tasks. Add tasks that you won’t charge for.

See how to use the Xero Projects app

View the Project Financials report to see how tasks and expenses are tracking against budget for your projects. You can identify potential issues or overruns and adjust the work accordingly. Learn from previous projects for more accurate projections.

See how to run the Project Financials report

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