Payroll and accounting in one

Pay your employees and keep secure basic payroll records, all within your accounting software.

A list of employees to pay displays in Xero on a laptop.

Simple payroll sorted

Process and keep records of pay runs online.

Auto-create a payment file

Xero creates a batch payment file each pay run.

Generate electronic payslips

Email or print employee payslips from Xero.

Simple payroll sorted

Use pay runs to process and record your employee pay runs.

  • Set the payment frequency, period covered, and payment date
  • If payroll is the same each time, copy a previous pay run
  • Payroll data syncs with your Xero accounts after each pay
A list of employee names and the amounts to pay them displays with some names ticked for inclusion in this pay run.

Auto-create a payment file

Xero creates a payment file each pay run, so it’s easy to make payments from Xero into employee bank accounts.

  • Create and manage employee records, including bank details
  • Choose which employees to include in any pay run
  • Upload the batch payment file to your online banking
A business owner sends payslips from Xero to casual and permanent employees.

Generate electronic payslips

Email or print payslips – individually or all at once – for each employee.

  • Payslips show earnings, deductions, and total pay
  • Quickly and easily view employee payslips at any time
  • Add a note to every employee’s payslip
A leave request shows the leave type, dates, and a description ready to be submitted online for approval.

More about payroll

Run reports to review your pay runs and get payroll insights. View a breakdown of the amount paid to all, or individual employees, in a selected pay period.

See how to run pay run reports

Add employees as contacts in Xero, including information such as their wage rate, bank account details, tax number, email, and postal address. All personal information and pay details are protected with multiple layers of security.

See how to add an employee for pay runs

Start using Payroll for free

Access all Xero features for 30 days, then decide which plan best suits your business.

  • Safe and secure
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  • 24/7 online support

Xero became a really critical tool for us as we took on more staff.

Kate uses Xero to run her business

Kate from Lune uses Xero to run her business