Get a cash flow forecast template. Or look at accounting software.

Download a free cash flow forecast template. And learn how software makes forecasting easier.

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Download the cash flow forecast template

Fill in the form to get a free cash flow forecast template as an editable PDF. We’ll also link you to a guide on how to use it.

Using this cash flow forecast template

You can see how to use this cash flow forecast template in our how-to guide (we’ll send the link along with the template). In short, you’ll plot expected incomings and outgoings on a timeline to see when you might have surplus cash.

What a cash flow forecast will tell you

A cash flow forecast is for looking into the future. It will help you predict how much money will be in the bank next week, next month, or even next year. That allows you to make better spending decisions.

Get on top of cash flow and stay there

Software can take the guesswork out of forecasting. Set up Xero to capture your financial data and it will keep you on top of the numbers.

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