Law firm accounting made easy

Xero is intuitive online accounting software for lawyers, attorneys, and small law firms that helps streamline your admin and bookkeeping so you have more time to practise law.

The owner of a law firm tracks business expenses on their laptop.

Easily invoice clients

Create beautiful one-off or recurring online client invoices that are customised for your law firm. Set up automatic reminders to take the work out of chasing your legal clients for invoice payments.

Give clients more ways to pay

Make it easy for clients to pay online by debit or credit card via third-party payment services. Adding a ‘Pay now’ button to your client invoices encourages clients to pay promptly, improving cash flow and simplifying your law firm accounting and bookkeeping.

A law firm client chooses whether to pay their invoice for legal services by debit or credit card.

Track expenses from anywhere

Record, claim, and manage expenses at work, home, or on the go using the mobile accounting app. Assign an expense to a client so it can be added to the client invoice and is displayed in financial reports.

A practice manager enters expenses law firm expenses into Xero accounting software.

Keep track of bills

Get an up to date view of your law firm’s financial data and cash flow situation on the Xero dashboard. That includes seeing which bills need to be paid and when they’re due.

A bar chart on the Xero accounting dashboard shows the total value of a law firm’s outstanding bills week by week.

Working with Xero allows me to act like the CFO of my own law firm.

Bill DeClercq, owner of DeClercq Law group

Portrait of a person sitting at a desk in an office.

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