Episode 27: 10 smart New Year’s resolutions for small business


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Chances are the line between your professional and personal life sometimes gets blurred. 2016 is a chance to set boundaries, once and for all.

Here’s 10 ways you can create the life you envisioned when you started your business, or maintain the balance you already have.  

In episode 27 of Xero Gravity, we chat with Michelle Garcia, founder of Heirloom Catering, and Jeremy Smith, who heads up the Block Small Business division at H&R Block, about their business resolutions for 2016.

Michelle explains how her company, finally out of “survival” mode, will implement a complete “no more excuses” overhaul of her bookkeeping method. While on the flipside, Jeremy’s advice to business owners will be to start 2016 with a detailed 12-month plan.

All that and more, from the delightful duo of hosts Elizabeth Ü and Gene Marks!

Episode transcript

Hosts: Gene Marks (GM) and Elizabeth Ü (EÜ)

Guests: Michelle Garcia (MG) and Jeremy Smith (JS)


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Announcer: You’ve just tuned into Xero Gravity. A podcast for small business leaders and entrepreneurs across America. Not to your hosts, Gene Marks and Elizabeth Ü.


GM  Hey everybody welcome to this episode of Xero Gravity. My name is Gene Marks and I’m here with Elizabeth Ü. Elizabeth, it’s great to have you here with me today.  

EÜ And right at the very end of the year.

GM Yes, I agree. So we’re going to be talking today about resolutions for the New Year and – and as a business owner, what type of resolutions you should be making for next year.

EÜ Well I think there’s so many things that, especially for small business owners, the lines are quite blurry between one’s personal life and one’s small business life. I know that for years I was running my own business in my living room and it became very hard to know when to draw the line on the business. So setting boundaries I think is going to be important. I imagine we’re going to hear some of those types of resolutions from our guests. But I think even beyond the resolutions themselves, it’s so important to make sure that you are keeping up with them. So I’ll be curious to hear too, some of our tips from our guests about how to stay committed to those resolutions.

GM You know I love hearing you say that as well, because one of the things that I think I’ve learned in running a business over the years is that there are few and far between the people that actually do what they say they are going to do. So, when you’re making resolutions for 2016, be serious about it. All right, so we’ve got two really great guests coming up on the show today. We’ve got Jeremy Smith, he’s the director of Block Small Business at H&R Block and Michelle Garcia, who is the owner of Heirloom Catering. The two of these guys are both very experienced business owners. So listen closely to our conversation, we’ll get what these guys resolutions are, both Jeremy and Michelle, and hopefully some of them will dovetail in with what yours are going to be for 2016. So stay tuned — we’ll be back shortly.


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Pre guest introduction highlight

JS “It can be so easy to just be busy working in your business and not on your business. And so take a step back and draw out a 12-month plan for what you want to achieve personally and professionally.”

MG “Really focusing on creating a work life balance and via blocking out your calendar. Make your time in your workspace focussed on that.”


GM So joining us on the phone right now is Jeremy Smith. Jeremy is the Director of Block Small Business at H&R Block. And Michelle Garcia, who is owner of Heirloom Catering. Jeremy and Michelle, thanks for joining us.

MG  Hi everyone.

JS  Hello everybody.

GM  Jeremy, please, let’s start with you. First of all, tell us a little bit about what
 you do.

JS   I am the founder and I guess, head of Block Small Business, which is the new small business accounting arm of H&R Block. We launched a little over a year ago.

GM So just, very curiously, Block Small Business — what specifically do you guys do on behalf of H&R Block for small business.

JS   Great question, because most people assume well it’s H&R Block so it must be tax, when it’s actually not that. What we really focus on is providing bookkeeping, payroll, bill payment, accounts receivable monitoring, sales and use tax, and other accounting services for businesses with between a $200,000 and – and $20 million in revenue.

GM And Michell, how about you? Tell us about your company. It’s Heirloom Catering, is that right?

MG Yeah, we’re located out of Denver, Colorado, and we focus on local goods. So we strive to work whenever possible with local ranchers, farmers, and artisan food makers. Supporting local business and our economy, and also providing the best quality food we can for our customers at any given time.

GM  How long have you been doing this?

MG  So January I’ll be entering my third year in business. So it’s been really fun and inspiring and life changing in Denver. But it’s been — it’s been worth it all the while.

GM Yeah, I find that running a company, like I have a business with 10 people in
it, it’s a - it’s a cold, hard world once you get out there. So not as romantic
as a lot of people make it, you know. So Elizabeth and I want to ask you
about your 10 resolutions for small businesses. We’re trying to - we’ve got
to get 10 together between the two of you guys. So Michelle, I’m going to
put you on the spot first. So as you’re heading into the end of this year,

JS   Yeah, and Michelle just a quick thing, this is Jeremy, I only have one resolution so you’re going to be responsible for the other nine. Off you go!

GM  Sorry Michelle. Okay, Michelle, go, all nine we need.

MG I do, actually have quite a few for next year. For the most part I manage my business on my own. I do have employees, but I’m recognising more and more in order to kind of skip to the growth that I want to get to, I’m going to have to hire probably a sales manager and then also another chef to be behind the scenes with me as well. And part of that is not only for business growth, but also to kind of reconnect with myself personally. I think when you run a business, you know, in the first few years you’re kind of in survival mode and you’re hustling and you’re gaining all of these clients and trying your utmost to not just gain clients but retain them and build really great relationships with them. But inside of that you lose your relationship with yourself a little bit.

GM  So resolution number one is you want to hire employees for next year.

MG I have employees now, but I want full time employees to grow and move the business forward and to create more time personally as well.

EÜ Right, I would think that this is like the build-my-core-team resolution.

GM Hey, let me also jump in. My resolution actually is – I actually want to do more training with my employees next year as well. I’ve got 10 people in my company and we were just meeting this morning about some of the things I want them to get better certified on, you know, during the year, and I’m willing to pony up and pay for some of that. So…

JS  Definitely.

GM I love – I love that you want to bring on more employees, I think that’s great. Full timers, I’m going to – I’m putting myself down for increasing in training of them next year. So okay, Jeremy, you’re up.

JS   Great, so I guess — one is understanding your cash flow because a lot of people do not. Either because they don’t pay attention to it at all or they more look at themselves on an income basis and they’re looking at things like income, which income is not cash. And your vendors will not accept accounting standards as payment, they only take cash. So – so it is very important to understand your cash position almost on a real time basis, which, not to have a shameless plug for Xero, but which is one of the great things about Xero, is it really enables you to see what your cash flow is on a day-to-day basis which is important, as I’m sure Michelle would testify to…

MG  Absolutely.

JS  Which is important for – for running a business.

MG  Yeah, absolutely.

EÜ   That’s great. Yeah, I was going to ask you if you had any other tools that you would suggest, but it sounds like you’ve got – got you covered with Xero.

JS   Yeah, there are two. Xero and Bill.com is another one as well, that all, which integrates with Xero, but both of those are good in different ways at helping businesses manage their cashflow.

EÜ That’s great and we actually do have two new webinars that you can view on Xero, that tell you all about why Bill.com and Xero might be helpful for you, and then also one that is looking at the specifics of how to make it work. So if you’re interested in better understanding your cashflow and really getting a hold of your receivables, do check out those two videos on Xero. And so now let’s get to another resolution. Michelle have you thought of any others while we’re waiting here?

MG You know it’s funny, not again, like Jeremy, to shamelessly plug Xero but really one of my new year’s resolutions as I said before, as you’re just kind of in survival mode the first couple of years. And one of my resolutions is to kind of dive way deeper into the benefits of Xero and all of the add-ons, and kind of make my bookkeeping just so simple and easy that it kind of like runs itself almost. You know and — and also to get a Xero certified bookkeeper, which I already have one who’s amazing and we’re going to move forward to kind of make everything just nailed down perfectly as far as bookkeeping goes.

GM That’s good. I like that it’s sort of like a technology deep dive, right? I mean a review of Xero.

MG  Yeah.

GM And whatever else that you’re using right, the third party apps and stuff.

MG Yeah, because there’s kind of no excuses anymore as a small business owner and – and I’m not saying that I’m the best at this.

GM  Yep.

MG Because it’s certainly not – but they’re really – just anymore, there’s no excuses to have bad bookkeeping.

GM I like that a lot. Okay, so so far, we’ve got, you want to – some of us would like – Michelle want’s to hire full time employees. I want to increase training in my employees, that’s a resolution. Jeremy’s suggestion is to understanding better cashflow because of how important that is to have a better understanding of that during next year. Michelle is suggesting a deeper dive into your technology — obviously really making full use of what, like Xero does and of course some of the add ons are there. So my turn, speaking of technology. I do plan in 2016 to upgrade my CRM system as well. I think every small business should have some type of a CRM system. I have an older one that’s served us very well, but it’s been sort of an on-premises one. CRM is customer relationship management and I – I’m going to a cloud-based system in 2016, and I think that will really have a big impact and help us with our sales and marketing and service. So that’s– that’s my resolution as well. All right Jeremy, your turn, got anything else for us?

JS Sure, so I think staying focused. It is so easy as an entrepreneur to not be focused and to look at the next shiny, bright object and go after that and most every business have become successful organizations because of their ability to focus on what they know they are trying to achieve, and how they best feel they can achieve it. Knowing that everything else is a distraction, that should minimized or ignored. So stay focused.

GM  That’s great. I love it. Elizabeth, you’re up.

EÜ Yeah, I know and I was thinking one – and part of something that Michelle said earlier and I didn’t want to just gloss over it is that Michelle you’re really looking to reconnect with yourself and kind of, you know, what I was hearing in that was to get back to those things that are really feeding you personally. So that you can keep showing up to do the work that you need to do. So I’m wondering if there are some other tips that you might have, or at least some wishful thinking as far as some of the things that might help you keep that resolution, or some activities that you’re going to be taking on to make sure that you are reconnecting with yourself?

MG You know, just listening to Jeremy talk about, like, you know, in the entrepreneurial spirit and how you like, you can be like woo, you know off to the next shiny thing, as he said. One of my goals is to really break down a cal – a workweek calendar and – and insert like you will ride your bike at 9.00am on Monday or, you know, because I think entrepreneurs also can find themselves as their family is sitting down to dinner in their office trying to hammer out that bid. You know, I mean we – no one’s there to push you and pay you. You’re – you’re your own paycheck. But I think really focusing on creating a work life balance via blocking out your calendar.

GM  Make some me-time, right?

MG Well, I mean not just that, but like make your time in your workspace focused on that, right? So make those however many hours you – I mean I’m a true believer in fun. I love having fun. I’m kind of a little bit of a Peter Pan type of person. You know, I’m married but no children, but at the same time it’s like you have to really put strong focus on your business to be successful, but you also have to not lose what you love personally because you can literally, you know, collapse on – inside of yourself from stress.

EÜ   I love that. So let’s make sure we’re scheduling those things, get them on the to-do list. So Jeremy, as someone from Block Small Business at H&R Block, I’m sure that there are several things that you’re seeing many of your clients do that you’re maybe hoping they have some new year’s resolutions around. Is there anything that you can suggest?

JS   Yes, and one of them, it’s – it’s the polar opposite of Michelle’s. Which by the way, I totally agree with on kind of blocking out your days in that way. But I’ll also take the flipside and zoom out and talk about keeping a 12- month plan. Creating and having a 12-month plan because it can be so easy to just do, and – and be busy working in your business and not on your business. And so, take a step back and draw out a 12-month plan for what you want to achieve personally and professionally. And it’s always best to start at the end, right? By the end of the year I want to have done this. Again, either with my business or – or with my personal life and then work back to January 1, and how you’re going to get there over the next 365 days.

GM That sounds great. Okay, guys let me just sum up, we have nine resolutions really quickly. Michelle is saying about hiring new employees, hopefully next year, full time employees to give her a little bit more balance, we’ll get back to that. I’d like to increase training for my employees next year. Jeremy is suggesting to increase – you know, to have better understanding of cash flow during the year. Michelle is recommending a deeper dive into technology, you know, like Xero and add ons. I want to upgrade my CRM system, that’s the fifth one already. Number six is just staying focused on what’s important. And Michelle, number seven, really wants to have more – you know, a better handle on her personal time versus work time. I hope I’m describing that okay Michelle, to just do a better job at making sure you’re keeping more balance in your life in 2016.

EÜ By scheduling everything.

GM And then finally Jeremy is saying look you’ve got to have a 12-month plan and that’s something that is a really important thing to do. Jeremy let me ask to just wrap up, do you have any more that H&R Block would recommend? I mean, or that you guys do internally at H&R Block when you’re talking about making resolutions for the next year?

JS   You know, yes, although it’s interesting it does apply to us, but it also is us and what we do, which is look at outsourcing non-core functions of your firm and it – it helps you loop back to another resolution that I said which is stay focused. And, so you know, us as obviously an outsourced accounting company where we enable entrepreneurs to do that. You know, don’t think – and it looks like Michelle is doing just that with the certified bookkeeper. Where it’s like she did not get into her business to do the books. So outsource it to someone to take care of that, so that you can stay focused on your business and growing it and making it more profitable and more successful.

EÜ   And it also keys back into exactly what Michelle is saying in terms of reconnecting with herself and building out the core team. It’s like get the full-time staff on board that you need to cover those things that are the core competency of your business. Outsource the things that are non-core functions that someone else can provide and that will free up your time so that you can actually schedule in those things that are really feeding your soul and getting you back to that point where you can show up after having reconnected with yourself, as Michelle put it. So that was a great one to sum up.

MG Do you mind if I throw one more resolution in that I think is like really good for all entrepreneurs?

GM  Sure, go ahead.

MG So one of my mentors talks about this every time I see her and it’s like savings in retirement. That’s like one of the things that all entrepreneurs are so horrible at.

GM  That’s great.

MG And again, it’s like nobody pays us except for us, right? But no – no-one is also going to say allocate this to your savings and make sure you have a retirement plan. So that’s really one of my biggest goals to make sure, you know, longevity wise, that you know, not only myself but my family is taken care of.

GM  I love it, thank you.

EÜ   And now it’s time for What I Wish I Knew, where our guests share with us one key piece of advice that they wish they had when starting out in business. So Jeremy what do you wish you knew?

JS   I would say hire domain experts. Meaning whether it was – you know, for companies I’ve started in the past or whether it’s companies that are now clients of our at Block Small Business. Too many people get in two lines of business where they don’t have the expertise that they need. They’ve got a great idea for a new, you know, real estate app or analytics for – you know, for – for sell migration companies. That’s not even a real phrase — I don’t even know why I came up with that. But the point – but the point is, sell migration, that – that sounds real but I don’t think it is.

GM  It sounds like something from the Walking Dead, actually.

JS   Yeah, it kind of does. But you need that domain expertise because there is just so much knowledge embedded in every single industry that you – you’ll spend about a year and a half learning lessons that it would have taken you a month and a half to learn if you had hired the right person, who had that expertise either in that industry or that given functionality like sales or marketing or R&D or whatever it might be. So – so find experts, hire them and rely on them.

GM That’s great and I’m – I’m a big believer in – you’re an outsourcer you do what you do best right? And you’ve got to rely on people. It’s a very specialized word and there are a lot of people – a lot of places to go to find help. So that’s great. How about you Michelle? What type of things do you think you would have done, you know, differently that you think you wish you knew earlier in your career.

MG Gosh, Jeremy really like kind of nailed it down there as far as, you know, no one has all the answers and you – you need to hire experts but on the flipside of that everybody thinks they’re an expert. So be very careful. I always tell people, accept everybody’s opinion but also understanding that it’s just that. It’s their opinion and if you get yourself too wrapped up in everybody’s opinion you will drive your own business to fail. Because although everyone has great intentions, not everybody’s an expert and so although it’s important to hire experts, it’s really important to truly hire experts.

EÜ And I think that I often put this, and the way that I put it in my book too is that you need to make sure that no matter how much expertise someone has, if they don’t share your values and if you don’t have the same definition of what success means for you, I mean this is your business. They can be leading you down the wrong path. So I think it’s also very important to make sure that you have values alignment before you hire anyone, whether that’s for your core team or for outsourcing.

MG I think a trap that also a lot of entrepreneurs can fall into is sometimes it’s a huge waste of money. Like you will pay somebody to do something and then it really has no value for your business and it doesn’t drive your business forward. I mean, although there’s key success indicators, to me if there’s not a direct reflection on, you know, the money you’re making and the money you’re pulling back into your business, that may not have been a great way to go about accomplishing something and it – and I’ve come to find out a lot of people want your money when you run a business and you have to weed through that. Like you know, who really…

JS  That’s true.

MG Like what is that, what is the currency inside of your business relationships and that exchange. It’s not just monetary but it really is like your values towards, you know, integrity inside of relationships and finding those same people that will be, you know, the triumphs for your success and not just trying to take money from you.

EÜ That’s great.

GM Okay, so now it’s time for our segment called The Elevator Pitch. This is a segment that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship. Our two guests are going to compete against each other in delivering an elevator pitch on a random product or service which I’ll tell you about in a minute. The best person with the best pitch takes home a $100 Amazon gift card. Now there are some rules to the road here that you’ve got to clarify what the problem is. The – the pitch itself has to offer a specific solution, you’ve got to identify your target market. Your product or service must have a compelling marketable name and your pitch must be creative and out of the box. So Elizabeth and myself are going rate you guys on a scale of zero to five, and again the winner takes a $100 Amazon gift card home, and you have 90 seconds to deliver this pitch. So here is the pitch.

Research says that the hardest resolution for Americans to keep is losing weight and getting fit. We need a product or service that will assist Americans in keeping this resolution once and for all. So both Jeremy and Michelle - we need your pitch to solve this problem. Jeremy, let me start with you. Go!

JS   Yeah, the problem is people keeping their new year – people not being able to keep their new year’s resolution to lose weight and keep it off.

GM And what’s the solution?

JS   The solution is a product I call Willpowr. But it – there’s not – it’s not ‘er’ it’s just ‘wr’. Not ‘wer’ because it’s a startup so it’s got to be – it’s got to be spelled that way. So it’s called Willpowr and essentially it works this way: there’s two key aspects to Willpowr. 90 sec – what I call 90 seconds of no, and acclimating to the early mornings. So, what I find the hardest part of if you think about how many times throughout the day you have to say ‘no’ to the food that is going to make you fat. If you just exert five to seven seconds of Willpowr, and just say “no, I’m not going to do it, I’m not going to do it” and you kind of move on. That’s all it takes. And honestly that only happens, like seven, eight, nine times – not - probably not even that many times, five to seven times a day. And so if you can just exercise your Willpowr in those little five- to seven-second bursts in the five to six times a day it happens. It’s actually pretty easy to say no to all that food that you shouldn’t be eating. And especially when you think of that way. If I can just muster…

EÜ But who’s your target market Jeremy?

JS   Men and women 30 years and older, that’s when the – when the metabolism slows down and the weight starts to pile on.

GM All right Michelle, you’ve heard what Jeremy’s response is. Let me repeat this again. Research says that the hardest resolution for Americans to keep is losing weight and getting fit. We need a product or service that will assist Americans in keeping this resolution once and for all it’s now your turn Michelle, let’s hear what your solution is. Ready, set, GO!

MG This is totally off the cuff and I work – of course work in the food industry so just keep with me here. But of course as Jeremy said, the problem is people don’t have willpower, right. So the new year’s resolution is to lose weight, often times the gym is filled in January and then everyone falls off in February. So my solution is don’t pay for a gym membership, pay for a buddy that’s going to slap you down, so every time you go to put food in your mouth, they’re just going to slap it out of your hand and then you don’t – you know, people in general really don’t have willpower. So you don’t have to really worry about it. There’s going to be an accountability buddy that will slap it down. And it’s like, you know, the pitch is, “When you can’t say no, we will.”

GM But wait, I have a question, what happens – you go down to the fridge for that midnight snack and what is that buddy, like in the guest bedroom next to you or something, or how are you going to know?

MG Yeah, it’s probably going to be a bit like a horror flick, you know…


MG A dark shadow moves in, the slap down happens.

EÜ  So what’s the name for your product Michelle?

MG The Buddy Slap Down.


GM I love it.

MG That was terrible!

GM I like Slap Buddy better, actually. Those are great. I – oh by the way, so I got to just share with you mine. So mine is you can’t – I find it hard, I used to love like having like a glass of wine every night before I would go to bed or two or three or four or… you know, depending on the night. But anyway you have to stop, you get to a certain age, right, you can’t be – that’s like 200/300 calories for a glass. So my incredibly creative product is now non-alcoholic wine, what do you say about that will give you just the effects and niceties of a glass of wine but doesn’t have any calories associated with it. So that’s right, we’re going to have all of our scientists get to work on that right away.

JS   Yeah, I didn’t realize – yeah, I didn’t realize that our startup ideas didn’t have to abide by the laws of physics or biology. I could come up with a great…


JS  Because I have an idea for a time machine.

GM Yes! I said you can be creative Jeremy, come on!

JS Got you, sorry.

GM I’m going to call mine the Perfect Glass, or Unreality maybe is another way. All right, so what do you think Elizabeth, whose – which pitch did you like?

EÜ   Alright, so I’m going to say that Gene, neither you nor Michelle talked about your target audience exactly.

GM  Ooh, sorry.

MG  Oh.

EÜ   So but to be fair, Jeremy didn’t mention it either until we asked him to. So – so there is that. And then Gene you, at the last minute did squeeze in a name for your product. But although, I do like the name Buddy Slap Down, but although I do – I do like the name Buddy Slap Down, but also Michelle didn’t have a – a catchy name until asked. But, Jeremy had done a lot of preparation you can tell. His – he had not only the name of the product Willpowr but also a tagline, 90 seconds of no. And I like that it’s only 90 seconds per thing so he’s – he’s actually going to be able to sell this regularly because it’s a consumable product. You only get 90 seconds a pop. So I – I think just based on the completeness of the pitch all told, I’m going to have to give Jeremy the win on this one. So he identified the problem, offered the solution, again, you know, half a point for identifying the target market, but very compelling and marketable name, plus bonus tagline and his – his idea was creative, even if it didn’t involve time travel until the second go around, but…

GM Yeah, like you know, but I have to say Michelle although I think you did a very good job, I’m going to with Jeremy and only because not that his was so much better than yours, although, you know, it was good, it’s just the idea of somebody having to come down and like smack me in the face when I’m trying to get something to eat. [Laughter] You have to understand I live – I live in a city so that person is bound to be tasered before they know what happens next. So I got to pick… however if the guy were to offer me a completely calorie-free glass of wine, well that would be, you know, a different story altogether.

 So, but Jeremy, I – I do agree with Elizabeth but I think you guys both did a

great job. So you guys were awesome. Thank you very much. This was a
really wonderful conversation. We had some great resolutions from you guys,
which we’ll recap - hopefully we’ll get to recap a little bit later. And also it was
great to learn a few of the things you wish you knew when you were just
starting out your career. I think it’s really helpful to our audience, so I want to
thank you.

JS  Thank you.

GM  …very much for joining us. Thank you. Elizabeth any final words?

EÜ Yeah, no again, thank you both. We’re really glad to have had you both on here and again, I don’t want to gloss over the importance here of making sure you are all, as small businesses owners, making sure that you’re taking care of yourselves and feeding those parts of you that inspired you to start those small businesses in the first place. I know as Michelle was saying, it can be very easy to get disheartened or way down if you’re trying to do everything all the time 24/7 with no good – no good boundaries between your own life and your business life. But again, thanks so much for your – for being contestants on our Elevator Pitch Game, and Jeremy you’re going to take home that $100 Amazon voucher today, so you can spend that however you like. Maybe you’ll buy Michelle a glass on non-alcoholic wine to celebrate.

GM We really do appreciate it guys thank you.

JS Well thanks for having us.

MG  Yes, thank you.


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EÜ So that was a really great conversation and I love especially the combination of Michelle’s advice to schedule everything, you know, down to the hour, including time to ride your bike, and then also, Jeremy’s larger picture, create a 12-month plan resolution. I mean I think between the two of those you’re going to cover everything.

GM I agree with you and I – I thought they were great. I think Jeremy, I love his suggestion about outsourcing as well. You know, I mean I’m big into like sort of doing what you do best and outsource the rest. So I love that, I love that advice.

EÜ Exactly, exactly and build your core team around you so that you’re not trying to do everything yourself. It sounds like Michelle could really use some help in that regard. So I’m glad that she’s got that resolution on her list.

GM There was a lot of resolutions on this right Elizabeth, and I just – I just have to reiterate what I – what you know I’ve always been told by my dad, which is you know, have – have few principles but stick to them. I just want people to know my advice going out is that, you know, whatever you heard on this, you know, as far as resolutions, you don’t have to do them all. Like pick a couple of ones that are really important to you and stick with them, right?

EÜ Yeah, and as a trained life coach, something you might not know about me, but I know how hard it can be and how challenging it can be to keep your new year’s resolutions. And so we found a great article on Huffington Post, so Nancie Vito has written an article, “Five tips for keeping your new year’s resolutions this year.” And we’ll include a link to that piece in the show notes, so do check that out.

GM Alright everyone, well look, thanks for joining us for the show today. I hope you guys learned a lot and we look forward to seeing you again next week.


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