When the storm starts, but business never stops

Online accounting from Xero. Perfect for doing beautiful business, whatever the weather.

Work anywhere with online accounting

When the weather turns bad, it can impact many small businesses in Hong Kong - you can’t get to the office, or open your shop for business. Running your accounting online means you can work from anywhere, anytime. This article gives you all the information you need to know.

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Our Xero Small Business Specialist, Polly Liu, shares how an online accounting platform like Xero can help your business run smoothly throughout the year, whatever the weather

Come meet Polly at our Intro to Xero webinar where you can learn more about Xero, ask any questions you have, and watch a live Xero demo. It’s free!

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Getting your business started on social media

Social media is a part of our everyday lives, and you should harness the power of social for your small business. This guide will teach you the basics of building a social media presence for your brand, and how to put your business in front of the people who matter.

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Getting started on social media

Other helpful resources

Move from Excel to accounting software

If you use Excel for business accounting, this guide's for you. Learn how using accounting software lets you stay on top of things. And how an interim accounting solution may leave you with headaches.

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move from excel to accounting software this financial year

Five rules for managing small business cashflow

Cashflow is the lifeblood of your business. Learn these essential tips to manage your cashflow and keep your business financials healthy.

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How to accept payments online

Customers that are offered convenient online payment methods pay invoices two to three weeks earlier than usual. Here's how small businesses can cash in on the trend.

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10 monthly tasks for good business health

Time flies when you're running your own business. Days can quickly turn into weeks as you focus on the day-to-day work. And sometimes you can work so hard it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. Our monthly checklist will ensure you keep your business on track.

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Xero 101

Want to learn more about Xero? Here we walk you through all the essential features.

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Xero 101

Need help? Find a Xero expert in Hong Kong

If you need more help with Xero, connect with one of our Xero experts in Hong Kong, who specialise in a range of different industries.

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