Accounting & bookkeeping industry performance report: See how your practice compares

Inside you’ll find robust benchmarking data, such as online client numbers and revenue growth, to support your firm’s forward planning. You’ll also get insights into best practice for marketing and advisory services and more.

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Online accounting and growth go hand in hand

Here are some of the key things we found when we surveyed 97 Xero accounting and bookkeeping partners across Hong Kong to gauge their practice performance.

  • Leading practices grow their revenue nearly three times faster than their average peers.

  • Practices that make effective use of technology have lowered their costs by over 80 hours per client per year.

  • Accounting professionals who build up their app and business advisory capabilities earn nearly two and a half times more than those who only engage in compliance work.

Compelling data at your fingertips

Explore the figures and findings, and use the information to stay relevant and progressive as an accountant or bookkeeper.

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