Community guidelines

The Xero Community is where Xero customers and partners can be part of the conversation swapping ideas and solutions.

Three Xero customers discuss their experiences using Xero in their businesses.

What is the Xero Community?

The Xero Community is where Xero customers and partners can join the conversation on Xero Central, and share feedback for improvement in the product ideas space. You can ask each other questions about using Xero products and managing small businesses, innovate and solve problems together.

We want to help you become an expert in Xero, and give you the opportunity to share your knowledge, build a profile, and grow your business.

The Xero Community includes:

  • Xero Central discussions – ask questions and find answers from other Xero users, including many accounting and bookkeeping partners
  • Product ideas – submit feedback and suggestions for changes to Xero, and contribute to existing suggestions from your community

Other sources of support

  • Use the Xero advisor directory to find an accountant or bookkeeper to help support your business.
  • Contact Xero support for help through Xero Central. When you raise a case with Xero you have the option to invite Xero Support into your organisation for more personalised answers.
  • Search across all the support or learning content: articles, small business getting started guides, videos, in-depth courses, webinars and certification are right at your fingertips.

Xero product ideas

On Xero product ideas you can share your ideas on changes you’d like to see in Xero, comment on the community’s thoughts and ideas, and vote for the ideas you’d most like to see delivered.

Voting helps indicate interest from the community in an idea. There is no set number of votes that ensure development of an idea. You have unlimited votes and can vote once per idea.

You need to be logged in using a Xero account to vote for ideas you support. Add your vote to product ideas by using the ‘Vote’ button at the top of an idea thread. Note that ‘+1’ responses aren’t counted.

Xero's participation

To maintain a relevant and current site, we have a team keeping an eye across our communities – reading your posts, reporting feedback to the relevant team, and joining conversations where we can offer product or technical help. Our product teams include your feedback in their strategies and product leadership considers it in their prioritisation.

We'll merge duplicates, apply the most appropriate topic, archive older conversations, regularly review and keep you updated of the status of ideas as they progress. Ideas that have received less than two votes may be removed during this review.

Playing nice

You can log in and contribute to the discussion and ideas at any time. Though we have a team moderating the forums, they won’t participate in every conversation.

To make it an enjoyable experience for everyone please:

  • use your real name and website links
  • don't impersonate anyone else or use their name
  • be mindful of sharing personal information - your own or other people’s without their consent
  • only use images that you have ownership of or permission to use
  • credit people's work when you're referring to other images or copy
  • don’t post illegal or naughty stuff
  • don’t spam us with advertisements and posts of a commercial nature
  • don’t SHOUT using all caps – words and links to screenshots are just as effective
  • use language that’s positive, constructive and shows that you’re open to feedback and advice
  • show respect to each other and our differences – we’re all in this together
  • consider your content to make sure your posts have a clear purpose, and add value

We reserve the right to remove posts that aren't in the spirit of the community or that breach these rules, and we encourage members to help and support one another.

In addition to these rules for playing nice, the use of the community is subject to the Xero terms of use and the Xero privacy policy.

By participating, it’s understood you agree to these guidelines