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Alex Ng

About Alex
I’m a cloud evangelist working closely with accounting firms in the areas of strategy, sales, marketing and technology implementation.

It's my mission to help you embrace the cloud, facilitate your #beautiful journey with Xero and help your practice work more efficiently and grow sustainably.

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Derek Tang

About Derek 

Having worked with SME owners in the early part of my career in driving and educating businesses about productivity gains, I'm now enjoying the opportunity at Xero to do same for SMEs in the accounting industry. Having worked in this industry for more than 5 years now, I believe there is still more work to be done, and greater productivity gains can be achieved through greater use of technology.

I like to listen to our accounting partners and stakeholders, share my knowledge and exchange views on best practices for the industry. And I hope I can make a difference to all our accounting partners, regardless of the stage you are at, in the technology adoption curve.

Outside of work, I love to race in marathons, ultra marathons, and more recently, I'm aiming to become an Ironman. If you see me cycling on the roads during the weekends, do shout out to me.

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Ginny Xie

About Ginny 

Prior to joining Xero, I was working in top corporate secretarial firms in Singapore that provide a full suite of corporate services for SMEs and MNCs. Through this experience, I came to appreciate the role that technology plays in the accounting industry - transforming workplace humanity and taking the tedium out of my workflows. 

I’m excited to be a part of the Xero Asia team as it aligns with my personal goal to create awareness for modern accounting tools that accounting practices can tap on. Most importantly, I want to help accounting practices strategise, digitalise and do beautiful business with their clients through Xero.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time out in the sea, especially scuba diving and surfing. I’m also passionate about perfecting the art of barbecuing, I support the All Blacks Rugby team, and I enjoy volunteering.

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Leriz Fan

About Leriz

My background lies in the finance industry, with experience in helping businesses of all sizes increase their profitability through business process reviews and optimisation.

Outside of work, I'm passionate about creating, and you’ll likely find me spending my time on my sewing machine!

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Vance Lim

About Vance

Prior to joining Xero, I ran my own corporate services company which I founded in 2014, providing end-to-end corporate services to startups and SMEs. I have witnessed first-hand the transition from desktop accounting systems to the cloud.

In my free time, I explore nature treks around Singapore. As a father of two, I recognise the importance of managing my time effectively, so that I can make time for my boys and do the things that I enjoy most.

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Hong Kong

Andrew Yung

About Andrew  

My accounting career began in 2008 as an auditor and thereafter, I joined HSBC in 2010. I have delivered several process optimisation projects in the area of Equity Trading Operation and Fund Administration. Prior to joining Xero, I led the Hong Kong Business Development team for CPA Australia. 

I am a proactive Fellow member of HKICPA, a member of CPA Australia, and sits in the Young Achiever and Public Practice committees. I also have a passion for helping startups and is an advisor for the Pan-Asia Venture Development Platform (PAVD), where I assist innovative ventures in fundraising.

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Charlie Lam

About Charlie    

Originally from the UK, I moved to Hong Kong in 2006 and have been helping professional firms in North Asia on talent acquisition, change management and digital technology adoption. My passion is helping businesses realise the power and importance of cloud adoption, building a digital brand and ultimately seeing Xero accounting partners operating at optimum efficiency allowing business owners and employees to focus on they love to do best.

In my spare time you can find me on the water, training for the next dragon boat race and help coach corporate teams in Hong Kong prepare for local races.

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Adam Sanusi

About Adam

I have been a passionate advocate for all things related to tech and e-commerce, and have had the privilege of being part of launching some major tech brands into the market, including Lazada, Grabfood and Deliveroo.

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Lennie Leong

About Lennie

As a Top 1% Effective Communicator (American Management Association), I have the good honour to partner & collaborate with government associations, non-profit organisations, and government embassies to create value for businesses. I enjoy building meaningful relationships and creating collaborative partnerships to achieve win-win-win results. In my free time, I host interviews and podcasts where I interview Malaysia business owners & accounting firms where we hear about their stories, encourage entrepreneurship and inspire others.

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Philippines, Indonesia & Rest of Asia

Azrina Rohman

About Azrina

My experience lies in B2B regional account management across various industries, including aviation and travel & hospitality. I have a strong interest in Software-as-a-service (SaaS) related products and Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

Outside of work, I am passionate about learning new languages. Currently, I am learning Turkish and brushing up on my Spanish and Bahasa Indonesia! I am also a big fan of German football and am counting down to EURO 2021.

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