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Powerful and efficient reporting

Unparalleled reporting capability

Build quality reports using customisable report templates built to industry standards. Easily tailor the content and layout as needed to suit practically any requirement.

Streamline practice workflows

Create sets of professional reports for use with all your Xero clients, whichever plan they’re on, then make client-specific changes as needed.

Data flow, not data entry

Xero reports use accurate up-to-date information right out of your client’s accounts. And you can drill-down from any report to the data that it uses.

Powerful report building

Enjoy a simple, intuitive user experience that makes it easy for your practice to get up to speed fast. Drag and drop report codes to change formatting, edit titles, add groups and add formulas to change your row calculations. All with just a few clicks.


Customisable column layouts

Take control of your clients data and how it’s presented. Insert columns for any date range, compare against budget or compare any column using formulas you control. Then change the order of your report columns to suit your needs.


Switch rules and clever grouping

Use dynamic and calculated fields for complex calculations and presentation rules, eg, whether to show a bank account as an asset or as a liability depending on its value.


What our customers say about us

"We've been able to make more time to add value to our clients by working closer with them, being more in touch and helping them grow"


Xero report templates are available as a partner program benefit for all accounting and bookkeeping partners in Xero HQ.

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