Track business performance

Use the business dashboard charts and graphs for insight into your numbers so you can make informed business decisions.

A small business owner views a bar chart on the Xero dashboard to track their business performance.

Monitor key measures

Use charts and graphs to track performance across a wide range of business metrics such as gross profit, net profit on net sales, and debt to equity.

Three bar charts on the business performance dashboard show business metrics like debt ratio and gross profit.

Gain deeper insights

Drill down from the dashboard to show more detail and get an in-depth analysis of your numbers. Make informed business decisions with confidence.

Drilling down from the dashboard shows liabilities to net worth ratio as current liabilities divided by tangible net worth.

Set goals and track performance

Find out what’s working well and what you need to work on. Discuss the metrics with your accountant or advisor and use the dashboard to set and track performance goals.

A business owner sends a query to their advisor about the current ratio in their business performance dashboard.

See your favourites at a glance

Add the metrics you use most often to the main Xero dashboard so your favourite measures are right in front of you.

The Xero dashboard shows the charts that a business owner monitors most often.

More about business performance

A range of graphs on your business performance dashboard can help answer questions such as ‘How much margin do I make on my sales?’ or ‘How easily can I pay my bills?’.

Learn more and start using the business performance dashboard

When viewing your business performance graphs, you can see the equation a graph is based on, your monthly results, and your 12-month average result.

See how to view your business performance graphs

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