Accounting software for manufacturing

Keep track of assets, stay on top of cash flow, and streamline your business with easy-to-use online accounting software.

An industrial manufacturer and his team weld components and fabricate products while Xero takes care of the accounting.

How Xero can transform your manufacturing business

Track what’s in stock

With Xero, you can free up valuable time and stay on top of your inventory. Keep tabs on stock quantity and value.

Send quotes instantly

Create and send professional online quotes in minutes on the go, from wherever you are.

A small business owner sends a quote from the Xero app on their mobile phone.

Monitor business performance

Keep track of progress with tailored, smart financial reports to suit your business.

A profit and loss report displays in Xero on a laptop and a copy is printed as well.

I feel confident with Xero. I’ll be able to teach our employees so everyone’s on the same page.

John of Horsetooth Hot Sauce packs heat into hot sauce.

John with a bottle of his hot sauce. He recommends Xero accounting software.

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