Lelian from The Florist Atelier creates floral luxury in Singapore

Lelian Chew of The Florist Atelier aims to elevate the luxury of weddings, events, gifting and florals in Singapore.

Lelian Chew, founder of The Florist Atelier, arranging flowers in her store.

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I realized very early on that I needed a platform that could take care of all our financial management needs. We needed something we could use for invoicing, or payrolls, for capturing all the different sales we did. We’ve used Xero right from the start, and it’s become such an integral part of the business. Having direct bank feeds from DBS to Xero will really make everything a more seamless process.

Lelian Chew — Founder, The Floral Atelier

You can learn more about The Floral Atelier on their website thefloralatelier.com.

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