A business continuity plan template to help beat any crisis

You can’t avoid business interruptions, but you can be prepared for them. Fill out this business continuity plan (BCP) template to take away some of the fear of the unknown.

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You will find sections to help: - look after staff, customers, suppliers - carry on trading through a crisis - recover when the disruption is over.

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How to use your new business continuity plan template

There are instructions inside the BCP template to help you fill it out. But here are some things you can do to help make the job faster.

risk assortment

Do a risk assessment

It’s easier to fill in a business continuity plan template when you have a crisis in mind. Think what you would do if some of these things went wrong.

Inside your business:

  • Losing key staff or a big client

  • Fire

  • Failure of critical equipment

In the world around you:

  • Supply chain issues

  • Natural disaster

  • Global financial crisis

Deal with the most likely scenarios first. But don’t ignore the long shots. A global pandemic was probably the last thing on most people’s BCP template in 2019.

Resources for resilience

Besides filling out this business continuity plan template, there are other things that can make your business stronger. Learn more about them here.


Should you get insurance for property? staff? public liability? business continuation?

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Business structure

Find out if your business structure gives you adequate legal and financial protection.

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An accountant or bookkeeper can help you plan a rainy-day fund. 

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Make your accounts indestructible

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