Mindset research

Using different tools such as behavioural science or AI, we take a look beyond the numbers of small business ownership.

How seven business owners got from the bad days to the good ones

Good day, bad days

Get an understanding of the mindset of adaptable small business owners and what they do to overcome the dark days to get to the good ones.

  • Jessica, UK

    Jewellery business owner Jessica talks about how her business evolved, and finding her own path to happiness.

  • Dua, Australia

    Dua’s goal in starting her own business in Australia was to achieve a good work/life balance.

  • Cenmar, US

    The founder and owner of Sparkle Restoration tells how a chance meeting with a Zen master shaped his career.

  • Tilmann, US

    Tilmann explains how the beauty brand he started evolved from traditional to something that worked for him.

  • Cat, New Zealand

    The founder of the Getting Lost game talks about how she took a leap of faith into a completely new area.

  • Rachel, Singapore

    The co-owner of Luxe Botanics talks about why she moved from a corporate job into a small business.

  • Jenny, UK

    The owner of Jenny Duff shares how her 20 year old business was transformed from bricks and mortar to online.

One step report

This global landmark study looks into the human barriers small businesses face when adopting new technology and ways to overcome them.

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The cover of the ‘One step’ report.

Emotional metrics

Going beyond the numbers to highlight the emotional state of mind of small business owners around the world.

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The cover of the ‘Emotional metrics’ report.

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