How it works

The financial web: creating a more connected world for every small business

Together we can help drive efficiencies for small business

When small businesses have easier access to capital and financial services, it’s easier for them to run their business and grow. And if small businesses thrive, they create jobs and fuel the economy, so we all benefit.

Here’s how we can work with you to support small business.

Bank feeds

1. Bank feeds

Bank transactions flow directly into Xero giving businesses an instant up-to-date view of their cash flow.

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Pay bills

2. Payments

Businesses can offer online invoice payment options so they get paid faster. Paying bills and wages is streamlined.

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3. Lending

Access to up to date reports from Xero makes the lending application and approval process faster and easier.

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The Xero platform unlocks the financial web

The financial web and the opportunities it opens up are possible due the unique combination of  cloud accounting and Xero’s single ledger, open API and global presence.

Anywhere, anytime access

Small businesses on Xero can run their business from anywhere and access the numbers anytime.

Shared data

Small businesses can share up-to-date data in Xero so it’s easy to review, advise and collaborate.

Scalable solutions

Xero’s open API allows banks to develop new, scalable, financial services solutions.

Global reach

Over 1 million subscribers  in more than 180 countries use Xero. And more and more of them are trading globally.

Accountants and bookkeepers play a pivotal role

Xero-certified accountants and bookkeepers from around the world help connect small businesses that use Xero with local financial services providers. Our accounting and bookkeeping partners will support those banks that provide a seamless customer experience with Xero.

Supporting the priorities of financial institutions

Xero’s intention is to enable (not compete with) financial institutions. For financial institutions, reciprocal data sharing and integration with Xero is a powerful way to capture transaction accounts, gain market share, and retain customers; while integrating lending services with Xero creates opportunities to cross-sell.

To be part of the Xero financial web, contact us.