The financial web is here

The way that financial service providers interact with small businesses globally has fundamentally changed.

We are at an inflection point

With the financial services industry facing a wave of digital disruption, the sector is starting to reshape. The change is driven by new technology, regulation, the need for cost reduction and changing consumer behaviour.

More than ever, small business customers have a choice of which financial services institutions they have a banking relationship with.  Global adoption of the API by financial services and fintechs coupled with the customer having the choice to share their financial data from within Xero is shifting the power back to the customer whilst opening up opportunities for banks to innovate and better serve the small business market.


The small business market aggregated

Xero is connected to over one million small business subscribers across more than 180 countries. Xero is the one place that connects a once highly fragmented small business market. The Financial Web makes it easier for financial institutions to identify, reach and serve small businesses globally through one platform, at scale.


The Xero community

More than 89% of our small business subscribers globally are connected to an advisor. These accounting and bookkeeping partners engage in over 100,000 conversations every month with small businesses about which bank and service to use. Xero has grown from an accounting platform to a small business community, making our banking relationships core to small business prosperity.  We work closely with banking partners to promote each integration to the Xero community, every connection is meaningful to our accounting, bookkeeping and small business network.

High integrity accounting

The beauty of Xero is that accountants and bookkeepers are looking at the exact same financial data the business is using, so you can have confidence in the financial reporting. With tools such as the assurance dashboard, accountants and bookkeepers have in-built controls to identify mistakes or unwanted activity and ensure the integrity of business financial data.

Make Xero a part of your digital strategy

Thanks to the Financial Web, banks can truly digitise their small business strategy at scale. The Financial web ensures digital innovation, high integrity two-way data share and more informed insights into the small business community to drive better customer service through a competitive product suite.  The outcome for small businesses is more accurate financial insights, safer payments solutions and easier access to capital.

More than 100 financial institutions with direct connections

Commonwealth Bank
Bendigo Bank
Metro Bank
City National Bank

Make Xero core to your small business strategy.

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