Accounting for ecommerce and online businesses

Xero’s ecommerce bookkeeping and accounting software for your Philippines-based online business puts you in control. Simplify running your ecommerce business with an online accounting solution that syncs to your ecommerce platform.

An ecommerce business owner sits on a sofa using Xero accounting software working on their laptop.

Streamline your ecommerce business with Xero accounting software

Track your cash flow and financials in one place

Stay in control of the cash coming in and out of your online business with Xero’s accounting software for ecommerce. Connect your bank account and integrate with ecommerce apps for an up-to-date view of your numbers. Track sales and expenses, use analytics tools, and generate financial reports.

Pay bills on time every time

See all the bills that are due for payment in Xero’s ecommerce accounting software so you can plan ahead and pay them on time. Build and retain good relationships with the sellers who supply your ecommerce business.

Accept online sales across multiple currencies

Xero’s accounting software for online businesses lets your Philippine ecommerce business invoice and accept payments in multiple currencies. Xero’s multi-currency accounting tools simplify your ecommerce bookkeeping and financial record keeping.

Payments in four different currencies show in Xero’s accounting software for online businesses on a mobile phone.

Integrate Xero with ecommerce apps

Connect Xero to your Shopify, Amazon, eBay, or Etsy online store via popular ecommerce apps to sync your sales and automate your ecommerce accounting. Transactions from your ecommerce store flow into Xero for easy reconciliation, so you see up-to-date profit margins and financial records.

App integrations
Two Philippine ecommerce sellers chat about the increase in sales since using Shopify and Xero for their online store.

Integrate Shopify with Xero

Combine Shopify with Xero so you automatically see your Shopify sales and payments within Xero at the end of each day for an up-to-date view of your financials in one place.

Shopify integration by Xero
An ecommerce business owner reviews the day’s Shopify sales and cash flow figures on their laptop.

Xero’s made a big difference in helping keep my finances organised.

Ade Hassan, founder of Nubian Skin

A person organising clothes in retail store.

Connect Xero to ecommerce apps

Over 1000 third-party apps connect with Xero. Find apps for your ecommerce business at the Xero App Store.

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    Shopify integration by Xero

    Connect your Shopify store to your Xero account for easy management of your ecommerce business finances.

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    A2X automates ecommerce accounting into Xero for Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Walmart sellers worldwide.

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    Cin7 Core

    Cin7 Core lets you manage all your products, customers, suppliers, contacts, purchases and sales in one system.

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