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Government support during COVID-19


The Singapore government announced a range of measures to support businesses and workers through the circuit breaker period. For a breakdown of all the support businesses can or could receive from the recently announced Solidarity Budget, as well as the earlier announced Unity Budget and Resilience Budget, view this article at

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the financial industry also announced relief measures for individuals and SMEs to support their loan and insurance commitments, and more. For more details, view the MAS media release.

Hong Kong

The Hong Kong government announced an anti-epidemic fund to support industries, businesses and individuals affected by the virus.

A HK$30 billion fund was announced on 14 February 2020, complemented by a second round of HK$137.5 billion relief measures announced on 8 April 2020.


A follow-up to the Economic Stimulus Package valued at RM250 billion provided financial support to SMEs, micro-entrepreneurs and more.

Business continuity planning

Running a small business has always been a rollercoaster ride, but Covid-19 challenge may have been the biggest dip yet. We’ve gathered here some techniques and tools to help your business through these disruptions.

What is business continuity and why is it important?

Running your business remotely

Read the support article and watch videos covering:

  • Running a virtual event or meeting
  • Maintaining connection performance in virtual teams
  • Connecting communicating virtually with customers

Working remotely

Embrace the tools and skills that will help you and your employees to work as effectively online as you do in the office.

Monitoring cash flow

Keeping an eye on your cash flow is more important now than ever. Here are some tools to help you work out where you are now, and get more cash through the door.

Caring for yourself and your staff

It can be difficult to find your new 'normal' in times of uncertainty. Explore some practical, research-backed tips to boost your wellbeing and mindset, manage your energy and adapt to change.

The stress response and resilience

Build positive wellbeing habits

Manage your energy during times of change

Looking after yourself and your team

An employer reads tips online for looking after staff wellbeing.

Xero’s business continuity hub

Visit Xero Central for tools to help your business get through unforeseen disruptions. Register for upcoming webinars, find business and mental health resources, and connect with the Xero community to share your experience. We'll continue to add useful resources and information so keep checking in.

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