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Xero Lifelong Learning Platform for Content Creators


How it works

The Xero Lifelong Learning Platform is an online learning experience that revolutionises the way business courses are created and delivered to students. Students and teachers get access to blank Xero files that they can set up from scratch, along with preset Xero organisations and business scenarios.

Share your content

If you’re a content creator, you can create preset Xero learning organisations with data to support curriculum material and business case studies. We provide templates that make it easy to get information into a Xero learning organisation, and if you’re familiar with coding, there’s coding templates to work from too.


Deliver to students with a simple click

Setting up your Xero learning organisation ahead of time makes it easy for education providers to deliver their courses and provide financial literacy training. They can then supply the Xero learning organisation/s to students, along with any blank Xero organisations required.


Team up with your LMS

Links to the Xero Lifelong Learning Platform can also pair with your Learning Management System (LMS). This allows students to work through learning materials seamlessly. And as they’re required to complete an activity, the links will send them directly to the student’s Xero learning organisation.


Check your tasks, one at a time

Once your Xero learning organisation is created, it can have as many exercises and activity checklists attached to it as you like. If you’re a content creator, the level of detail included in the guided prompts and checklists is up to you. The guided prompts can then easily be turned off as students progress.


What you need to know:

Understanding your role as a content creator

The role of a Xero Lifelong Learning Platform content creator is to create the business scenarios, transactions, guided instructions and activity checklists in a Xero learning organisation. In most cases, this will link directly to other learning material and sits on the education provider’s LMS. Content creators may also be involved in creating other learning materials, and have a direct relationship with the education provider.

Managing quality assurance

Content creators that develop learning resources like exercise tasks and activities should also develop working solutions, along with the means to share them with education providers. Any content created is not endorsed by Xero, and quality assurance is the responsibility of the content creator. The content created may also be subject to quality checking by Xero.

Who the platform’s made for

The Xero Lifelong Learning Platform is available to a small number of content creators who meet our requirements and want to provide financial literacy training. Content creators of a specific type of content, like Certificate IV in Bookkeeping, may compete with other content creators of the same kind. But we also encourage a broad range of thinking when it comes to the content type. We feel this encourages innovative thinking in how accounting information systems are used for education.

We’re always here to help

Our job is to help you understand how the Xero Lifelong Learning Platform works. So we’re working with all content creators to showcase the functions and features of Xero. We’re also aiming to develop relationships with content creators and education providers to supply the platform to educators, and their students, for a fee.

What you’ll need to get started:

  • A modern web browser such as Chrome, and open access to the internet
  • Experience using back-office content management tools, such as uploading content to a learning management system, intranet or CMS
  • A ‘plain text’ file editor such as TextEdit on MacOS, or Notepad on a PC
  • Experience with the YAML data format is ideal, if not:
    - Experience editing structured data file in formats such as .csv
    - Experience creating basic web files such as .html
  • Familiarity with Xero would be helpful
  • A willingness to provide feedback which will inform the future direction of the platform

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