Financial web partners

Xero, the only viable global cloud accounting partner for banks

Xero places immense importance on its banking partners – we see you as central to what we do. Xero is one of the only accounting platforms that doesn’t build financial services products – so we don’t compete with banks. Instead we work with you, focusing on what we do best – developing beautiful accounting software.

Finweb partners

Over 100 financial institutions are already connected

Many leading financial institutions from across the globe share our vision. They’ve recognised the opportunities created by the financial web, and are improving the banking experience for small businesses.

Finweb bank logos
Finweb bank logos
ASB and Xero

Case study: ASB and Xero align on small business strategy

A true partnership takes the best that each business has to offer to bring together a solution and stronger proposition for their customers. Hear from ASB about why they love working with Xero.

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