Brian Lai from Link-Pro CPA on how Xero helps guide client decisions

Brian Lai of Link-Pro CPA talks about how Xero has transformed the way they do accounting.

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Making decisions using real-time figures

The traditional accounting software we used prior to Xero would take us one to two months to complete bookkeeping work for a client. With Xero, our clients real-time financial performance anytime, anywhere, and this helps us guide them through important business decisions.

Brian Lai, Link-Pro CPA

Syncing with clients’ banks for bank feeds

Xero's direct bank feeds feature has transformed the way we do accounting. Bank transactions are synced automatically into Xero, meaning we can reconcile transactions everyday instead of waiting for the bank to send us our bank statement. It's really powerful.

Brian Lai, Link-Pro CPA

Being a Xero partner

Being a Xero partner means a lot to us: it's a recognition of our ability and our attitude. It differentiates Link-Pro from traditional CPAs. We have the ability to conduct client meetings via phone or over a cup of coffee, while having the ability to be on the same platform, reviewing our client's business performance and [providing] them with real-time advice. Our relationships with our clients have strengthened as a result.

Brian Lai, Link-Pro CPA

You can find out more about Link-Pro CPA on their website.

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