Xero Awards 2020: United Kingdom and Ireland | Award winners

Congratulations to our 2020 Xero Awards winners!

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Ireland accounting and bookkeeping award winners

Two members of the PSC Accountants & Advisors team celebrate winning the Emerging Partner of the Year award.

PSC Accountants & Advisors

Emerging Partner of the Year

PSC Accountants & Advisors owner Siobhan Rivas May, has worked hard to help clients transition to online accounting by showcasing the benefits of Xero and showing that change is not something to fear. The firm also holds regular workshops on payroll, pensions and bookkeeping. In addition, almost every new client that joins, transitions to Xero automatically – helping PSC move towards being 100% on the cloud.

A member of the RDA Accountants team celebrates the company winning the Partner of Year award.

RDA Accountants

Partner of the Year

RDA Accountants moved their practice fully over to Xero after attending Xerocon London 2019. Since then this firm has embraced Xero’s data and automation capabilities, eliminating manual data entry to save hours when it comes to reporting. All this change means that RDA can spend more time with their clients, offering services from cash flow advisory to business planning and management information.

UK accounting and bookkeeping award winners

Rachael Prideaux from Figure Fairy celebrates winning the Sole Practitioner of the Year award.

Figure Fairy

Sole Practitioner of the Year

Figure Fairy is a great example of small but mighty. Owner Rachael Prideaux is a real advocate for online accounting with a deep understanding of the Xero product suite and how it can help her clients achieve their business goals.

Members of the Ashton McGill team celebrate winning the Small Firm of the Year award.

Ashton McGill

Small Firm of the Year

Ashton McGill is a practice focused on innovation and putting clients first. They are a shining example of a client-focused technology firm that goes beyond compliance with advisory services embedded in everything they do.

Members of the Ad Valorem team celebrate winning the Mid-size Firm of the Year award.

Ad Valorem

Mid-size Firm of the Year

Ad Valorem has invested time and resources to move to a digital way of working and took on Making Tax Digital for VAT with a strategic and proactive approach by transferring internal VAT clients and educating clients who file VAT themselves to prepare and comply with the regulation.

Members of the Johnston Carmichael team celebrate winning the Large Firm of the Year award.

Johnston Carmichael

Large Firm of the Year

Johnston Carmichael has utilised Xero’s automation power to help them operate more efficiently, freeing up precious time to spend helping their clients beyond just the figures. They have recognised the power of integrating Xero with industry-leading apps, recently rolling out an internal training course to promote app advisory and Xero’s app ecosystem.

Members of the Raedan team celebrate winning the 100% Xero Award.


100% Xero Award

Raedan skilfully uses the full breadth of Xero and ecosystem apps to free up time for human relationships as the entire team is dedicated to providing exceptional client service. Clients that have recently joined the firm are nurtured and educated on how to get the most from Xero covering bookkeeping, compliance and apps.

Members of the MAP team celebrate winning the App Advisor of the Year award.


App Advisor of the Year

My Accountancy Place works with clients in the digital creative industry, partnering with Xero and our ecosystem partners to best serve their clients. The firm’s extensive knowledge and adoption of apps impressed our judges, with every client using relevant apps that integrate with Xero to automate processes.

Jonathan Bareham from Raedan celebrates winning the Xero’s Most Valued Professional award.

Jonathan Bareham

Xero’s Most Valued Professional

We’re honoured to present this award to Jonathan Bareham, director and co-founder of 100% Xero Award winner Raedan. Jonathan has been a Xero partner for over nine years and an engaged participant of anything he’s been asked to partake in – including marketing videos, panel discussions and beta testing for new products. It’s been incredible to watch Jonathan use Xero to free up time to do more of what he loves: spend time with his family and provide his team at Raedan a rewarding work experience.

UK app partner award winners

Members of ApprovalMax team celebrate winning the App Partner of the Year award.


App Partner of the Year

ApprovalMax has gone from strength to strength, capitalising on technical opportunities provided by the Xero platform and proactively searching for new ways they can solve problems for our mutual customers. Over the years ApprovalMax’s popularity has grown consistently in every region with great advocacy from our partners earning it Preferred App Partner status in 2019.

Members of the Xavier Analytics team celebrate winning the Emerging App of the Year award.

Xavier Analytics

Emerging App of the Year

Xavier Analytics has become one of the fastest to grow in popularity since being listed on Xero’s marketplace. Xavier’s beautiful integration is already adding value to hundreds of Xero partners in the UK and we’re excited to see what else is on the horizon in 2020.

Members of the GoCardless team celebrate winning the Financial Services of the Year award.


Financial Services App of the Year

GoCardless continued innovating with the launch of new features such as instalments and borderless payments last year, to help even more Xero customers get paid on time. This financial app also took their technology to the US and Canada, launching ACH supported payments for Xero customers.

Members of the Re-Leased team celebrate winning the Industry Specific App of the Year award.


Industry Specific App of the Year

Re-Leased has worked tirelessly to amplify the value of their Xero integration and invested in a robust proposition for accountants by launching their accounting partner program. In the last 12 months, this has resulted in exceptional customer growth.

Members of the Fluidly team celebrate winning the Practice App of the Year award.


Practice App of the Year

Fluidly, a cash flow app partner, has only been part of Xero’s marketplace for a little over two years but its focus on developing tools to help firms offer proactive cash flow services has meant it’s gained big traction from our partner community.

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