Responsible data use commitments

Xero is committed to using data responsibly and helping our customers navigate the world of data use.

A padlock, a mobile phone with the Xero logo on it, and a thumbs-up sign represent Xero’s commitment to responsible data use.

Committing to responsible data use

In 2020, we made a company-wide pledge to responsible data use and introduced a set of commitments into our business. These commitments build on Xero’s vision and values to define the ways we ask our teams to make decisions when using data.

They guide our behaviour and decisions in every area of data use, from our technology investments and product development to our partnerships and acquisitions. We believe this approach also aligns with our customers’ expectations of Xero.

As custodians of the data on our platform, our company-wide commitment to responsible data use aligns with our vision of being the most trusted and insightful small business platform.

Xero’s responsible data use commitments

Our commitments guide us in what it means to use data responsibly.

1. Data security and privacy

We are committed to keeping data secure and protecting your privacy at all times, and supporting you with product features and information to help you do the same.

2. Benefits small business

We are committed to using the data we hold for the benefit of small businesses.

We are committed to giving you control over your data by providing the tools to manage your consent for each product or service that uses your data.

4. Open and honest

When you sign up for one of our products or services, we are committed to letting you know what the benefits are, how your data will be used, if we’re providing your data to someone else, and who that is.

5. Fees we collect

We are committed to never charging anyone a fee to access your data without getting your consent first and explaining to you the nature of the fees charged. We may charge a fee for products or services containing anonymous data without allowing an opt out for this.

6. Data-driven decision bias

We are committed to doing everything we can to get rid of unfair biases in data and our algorithms that might negatively affect you.

7. Trusted partners

We expect our trusted partners to approach responsible data use the way we do, and are committed to bringing our partners on this journey with us.

8. Accountant and bookkeeper enablement

We are committed to supporting our accountants and bookkeepers by providing useful data and insights to help small businesses thrive, and to use data in a responsible way.

A small business owner and their advisor collaborate online on how to use data responsibly.

Bringing these commitments to life

Education is key to helping small businesses understand both how to retain control of their data and how responsible data use can benefit their business.

Some small businesses and advisors have been quick to adopt ways to use data to their advantage. However, we know that many small businesses just don’t have the time, resources or networks to understand all the pieces of the puzzle when it comes to data use. This includes consent for data sharing, data protection and privacy, as well as the important notion of responsible data use.

Our responsible data use pages provide content, resources and best practices for small businesses and Xero partners to enhance your knowledge of the challenges and benefits of responsible data use. It covers everything from how to retain control of your data to how responsible data use can help you run your business.