Create customised quotes in minutes

Create online or PDF quotes that make a great impression. Send them instantly from your phone or from the office.

A quote is created on a laptop ready to email to a client.

Create online quotes

Create quotes from a template or by copying one.

Click to accept a quote

Send online quotes for acceptance on the spot.

Convert into invoices

Create and edit an invoice directly from a quote.

Create online quotes

Easily prepare and send quotes or estimates that look professional and include all the details you need.

  • Create quotes or estimates from phone or desktop
  • Use the contact, inventory and pricing info you've saved
  • Copy and edit a similar previous quote or estimate
  • Email quotes as a PDF or link to an online version
A quote customised with the company logo is ready to be sent.

Click to accept a quote

Send customers a link to an online quote or estimate so it's simple for them to accept or comment.

  • Customers can accept or decline quotes with a single click
  • Mark a quote as accepted or record it as declined and why
  • See if it's been viewed, revised, accepted or declined
A prospective customer views an online quote that they’ve received and selects the’ Accept’ button.

Convert into invoices

When a quote or estimate has been accepted and the work’s been done, turn it into an invoice.

  • Create an invoice using the details in the quote
  • Add, edit or remove items from the invoice as needed
A business owner gives a thumbs up at being able to click ‘Create’ to convert a quote into an invoice.

More about quotes

Tailor the quote that comes with Xero to use your logo and the details you want. Set up and use more than one customised version - Xero calls them 'branding themes'. Customise templates for the emails you send with the quote too.

See how to customise your quotes

You and your customers can download and/or print quotes from a PDF to get a paper copy. Post a printed copy to your customer, or email a copy with a link to the online quote and including a PDF attachment.

See how to print a quote

With online quotes, you can view and respond to any comments, feedback or questions, so all your interactions are online. For both PDF and online quotes, add, delete or change the details or pricing, then resend.

See how to edit a quote

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Xero became a really critical tool for us as we took on more staff.

Kate uses Xero to run her business

Kate from Lune uses Xero to run her business