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Accountant · Middlestone Business Analysis, Suite 165, 80 Churchill Square, Kings Hill, England

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About us

If you're looking for someone to "do your accounts", then, sorry, we're not for you.

But if you're curious about what we do…

We help businesses with 10 to 60 staff to improve their business processes—to deliver their services more efficiently and to get paid quicker, without hiring more staff.

After talking to your team and really getting to know how you work, we'll suggest practical improvements and, if you choose, we'll help you implement new ways of working, new software (like Xero) or new automation tools…to leave you with a valuable, profitable and efficient business.

If that sounds interesting, then have a look around our website (click "View website" at the top of this page) or get in touch—we won't charge you just for talking to us!


  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
  • The Institute of Internal Auditors

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Meet the team

Middlestone Business Analysis advisors: 2 - Xero certifications: 2

To become certified, advisors complete learning modules on Xero’s key features and pass a practical exam.

Terry Hopper

Business Analyst & Director

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  • Xero advisor certified
    Has a strong understanding and practical knowledge of how to use Xero with clients.
  • Xero migration certified
    Has knowledge and experience of switching clients to Xero.

I'm a UK qualified accountant working at Middlestone Business Analysis Ltd. We work to make businesses run smoothly. We specialise in automating and re-engineering financial business processes.

Middlestone Business Analysis: Bank experience

Clients of Middlestone Business Analysis connect to a range of banks via Xero. Middlestone Business Analysis specialises in working with some of those banks; they can help with setting up bank feeds, and are knowledgeable about accessing bank loans and streamlining payments through Xero.

Bank connections 

  • Metro Bank
  • HSBC

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Middlestone Business Analysis has an office in 1 location

Kings Hill

Middlestone Business Analysis, Suite 165, 80 Churchill Square, Kings Hill, ME19 4YU, England

+44 1892 570870

New to Xero? Middlestone Business Analysis can help

Xero is beautiful online accounting software for smaller businesses. Middlestone Business Analysis can help make your switch as smooth as possible.

Contact them to find out how they can help your business.

  • Partner since 2017
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