Differentiators: Culture and Creativity

Tap into your originality to uniquely address different client needs.

Xero Unplugged

Dress codes are weird and important. Like uvulas.

Greg Kyte: Sure, dress codes can convey your firm's branding and positioning; and they can present you in a certain way to certain clients. But dress codes can be ridiculous, give managers a perceived sense of empowerment, and cause an incredible amount of discomfort.

Greg Kyte

Benchstones and the power of champagne

Savannah Peterson: Growing a business is hard – and you need those little nuggets across the day to keep you going. Learn how to create benchstones with the help from your entire team.

Savannah Peterson

Cloning is not succession planning

Joanne Cleaver: This session outlines why the temptation to "clone yourself" in rising talent is a fallacy and a self-defeating strategy. You'll learn the one "silver bullet" phrase that clues you in when operating under this extremely common assumption – and how to turn it around.

Joanne Cleaver