Add internal job templates

Step 2: Job settings

Internal time is time spent in the office on activities that will not be billed to clients, for example office admin, projects, newsletters, training and human resources.

This is different to annual leave and exams, which is non-billable time away from the office. Time away must be recorded in a job that is marked as capacity reducing.

If you completed the steps in the Tasks tutorial, you will have generic non-billable tasks called Internal Time and Time Away set up in your system. You can use these to create your job templates.

Key Learning Points

  • Internal jobs are used to record non-billable time.
  • There are two types of non-billable time:
    • In the office: for example training and staff meeting. Time spent on these activities impacts a staff member’s productivity levels.
    • Away from the office: for example sick leave and jury duty. Time spent on these activities does NOT impact a staff member’s productivity levels.
  • Internal jobs usually run for the duration of the financial/fiscal year. You can use the job templates to create new jobs in the next financial/fiscal year.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use generic tasks and labels to add non-billable tasks to your internal job templates.
  • Flag the internal job for time away as capacity reducing, so it does not affect staff productivity levels.

What should I do now?

  • Decide if you require jobs to record non billable time. If yes, create your internal jobs.
  • If yes, create your internal jobs. Then proceed to Step 3: Enable Xero Interface.