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Xero provides free online support and education on Xero Central backed by help from our award winning, accounting-qualified support team.

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One place for answers when you need them

Xero Central is the place to go when you're looking for learning or support. You'll find how-to steps, trouble-shooting articles, explanations of Xero features and practical tips, professional development courses, as well as discussions and advice shared by other users. You can also go there to get in touch with our support team.

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Learning from experts

Our education team are not only experts in helping you to make the most of Xero, but are also here to help you grow and succeed as a professional. Choose how best you learn – through webinars, videos, self-paced online courses, on the job tools, or more. We help you to build your confidence and skills in using Xero alongside key professional skills such as leadership, communication, wellbeing and sustainability. Xero Central connects you with experts right across our passionate global community to help you and your business flourish.

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Support that's always there for you

Our support team is available 24/7. Just log in and ask your question at Xero Central. Whatever timezone you’re working in, someone will be there to help.

You’ll need to login with your Xero credentials. You can tell us which Xero organization your question refers to and also attach any relevant documents or files including screenshots.

Manage the cases you've raised in My cases

Once you’ve sent us a query, you can look up how it’s progressing in My cases within Xero Central. There you’ll see who’s assigned to your case, its status, the expected response time, and a record of your conversations with your support specialist.

You can add additional information at any time. We’ll notify you by email when there’s a new response to your case.


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Real support from real people

We don't outsource. Our team members are highly trained and experienced Xero employees, many with accounting qualifications at degree level or above.

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Have an expert at your side

Check out the Xero advisor directory to find a local accountant or bookkeeper who understands your industry, your business, and your goals. Share your Xero account with them to collaborate on your numbers in real time and get instant advice.

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