Edit job categories

Step 2: Job settings

Job categories are used to create logical groupings for your jobs, that help you distinguish them when filtering information on screen or in reports. Each category can be set up with its own set of accounts, that will interface with your accounting system. This is useful if you have multiple revenue activities in your practice.

Key Learning Points

  • Job categories allow you to place your jobs into logical groupings, for filtering and reporting purposes.
  • Job categories can be used to allocate different account codes to different types of jobs, which will interface with your accounting system.
  • There are default job categories you can use.

Tips & Tricks

  • Think about the job templates you need to create, and what job categories those templates will need.
  • If you later connect to Xero, you can edit job categories and select the account code for your chart of accounts, as well as add Xero tracking categories.

What should I do now?

  • Review the default job categories in your system.
  • Edit or rename default job categories, if required.
  • Add more job categories, if required.
  • Proceed to the next tutorial: Edit job states.